16 Servings

Christy Landry | My Invisible Crown Comments

Pineapple Angel Food Cake made with fresh pineapple is pretty much the lightest, airiest dessert you'll find. An amazing treat for barbecues and random weeknights alike.

Pineapple Angel Food Cake: Fresh & Fruity
    16 Servings

Jamie Lothridge | My Baking Addiction Comments

Heath bar cookies are full of that buttery, crisp toffee that you know and love. Jamie even went a little nuts and turned 'em into ice cream sandwiches!

Heath Bar Cookies: Toffee-tastic
    30 Servings

Taylor Kiser | Food. Faith. Fitness. Comments

Chocolate protein bars are loaded with sweet chocolate, chewy oats, crunchy almonds and creamy almond butter! They make the perfect, healthy on-the-go snack or quick protein boost.

Chocolate Protein Bars Chock-Full of Almonds
    10 Servings
    24 Servings
      10 Servings
    16 Servings

Alaina Doyle | Fabtastic Eats Comments

Biscoff Stuffed Vanilla Bean Snickerdoodles are perfectly soft and chewy snickerdoodles with a hint of vanilla beans. They're stuffed to the brim with creamy, sweet Biscoff Spread! These cookies are irresistibly delicious!

Biscoff Stuffed Vanilla Bean Snickerdoodles: So Good!
    16 Servings
    12 Servings