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Reindeer Cupcakes Recipe

  24 Servings


  • Chocolate Buttercream Frosting
  • 24 Vanilla Cupcakes, or your favorite homemade or cake mix cupcake recipe
  • 48 Pretzels, not mini
  • 24 m&m's Milk Chocolate M&Ms, red, or any small red round candy
  • 48 Candy Eyes, or mini chocolate chips


  1. Break pretzel twists into "antlers" by breaking off the top two rounded parts at the top of the pretzel. Set aside.
  2. Pipe frosting using a piping bag fitted with jumbo round piping tip in a swirl on top of cupcakes.
  3. Insert two "antlers" in the top of each, with the smooth sides facing out.
  4. Gently press eyes into the top front of the frosting.
  5. Press a red candy nose slightly below the eyes in the center.
Reindeer cupcakes photo