Our Top 10 Favorite Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Fuel Your Day

Cyd Converse

6. Oatmeal Carrot Muffins with Garam Masala

Would you believe me if I told you that these carrot muffins are both sugar free and gluten free? It's true! Made with dates and oat flour, the addition of garam masala along with cinnamon and ginger adds a ton of warm, spiced flavor that makes a perfect pairing with coffee or tea. Make them at the beginning of the week and enjoy them all week long!

7. Vegan Banana Split Smoothie Bowl Recipe

A smoothie bowl recipe that tastes just like a banana split is the ultimate breakfast in my world. Frozen bananas are blended until smooth then everything is topped with your favorite toppings - just like a banana split! I highly recommend fresh fruit, peanuts, chopped dark chocolate and even a few colorful rainbow sprinkles for good measure.

8. Toaster Oven Egg Bake Recipe

Anything you can make in the toaster oven is automatically a hit for me. The toaster oven makes things quick and efficient, plus during the warm weather months it's less likely to heat up your kitchen! This toaster oven egg bake is one of my favorite ways to make an easy breakfast. The recipe features cottage cheese, eggs, and spicy pepper jack cheese for lots of protein.

9. Funfetti Protein Overnight Oats Recipe

Overnight oats are a perennial favorite, but these funfetti overnight oats are something special! Layers of oats swirled with almond milk, vanilla protein powder and Greek yogurt means loads of protein and tons of sweet flavor reminiscent of everyone's favorite funfetti cake recipe.

10. Cinnamon Roll Protein Bars Recipe

Another easy option for a make ahead breakfast you can easily grab on the go throughout the week, I'm a big fan of these cinnamon roll protein bars. Honestly they could even be a snack or dessert, too! The texture is sort of like eating cheesecake, but with the flavor of a cinnamon roll. Since they're made with eggs and protein powder, you'll get lots of lasting energy, too.

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