Try One of Our 13 Best Egg Recipes for Dinner

Cyd Converse

8. Green Chile Egg Taquitos Recipe

I love these green chile egg taquitos because they are a total cinch to make while still being really tasty. My kids love them, too! With just five ingredients you can make these fresh in no time for dinner during the week, but they're also really easy to make and freeze in advance for a quick and easy breakfast, lunch or dinner on the go when you're pressed for time.

9. Mexican Egg-Stuffed Baked Sweet Potatoes Recipes

I love eating baked sweet potatoes for dinner, topped with all kinds of veggies and avocado and salsa and calling it good. These Mexican egg-stuffed baked sweet potatoes are all of that, only next level. Crack an egg directly into each potato and when they're baked through top your eggy sweet potato with a big drizzle of tangy, avocado lime crema.

10. Spinach Artichoke Mini Frittatas Recipe

These mini spinach artichoke frittatas are perfect for serving at brunch, as you might imagine, but also make one heck of an egg recipe for dinner. A few of these (which you can absolutely prep in advance for meals throughout the week) and a big plate of green salad will have you feeling good about how you're fueling your body, while packing all the flavor you want in a good dinner.

11. Bacon and Egg Risotto Recipe

Yes, you read that correctly - bacon and egg risotto. A savory plate of risotto studded with bacon is topped with the egg of your choice, but take my word for it and go with a runny egg. Over easy or over medium are perfect with this bacon risotto! The best part? The risotto is made in the Instant Pot so you can be serving dinner in no time flat.

12. Baked Egg Tostadas Recipe

Made entirely in the toaster oven from start to finish these baked egg tostadas are practically begging to make your dinner menu at some point this week. Warm tortillas are topped with black beans, melty cheese, and a baked egg and garnished, of course, to your liking. I suggest tomatoes, fresh or pickled jalapeños, sliced green onions, cilantro and maybe a bit of queso fresco.

13. Spinach Leek Potato Frittata Recipe

A savory frittata loaded with veggies is never a bad way to go in my world - especially when said vegetables include potatoes! Simply sauté the vegetables in a cast iron skillet, whisk in beaten eggs, and bake for 20 minutes. From start to finish, this recipe takes less than an hour and it can be made in advance and reheated for dinner any night of the week, but it's also great for lunch.

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