Hosting Guide: What to Serve at a Greek Dinner Party

Eric Ginsburg

Whether you're obsessed with the idea of going to Mykonos or you can trace your lineage back to Athens for seven generations, you aren't alone with your love of Greece. 

It's one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. My wife and I had planned to go for our honeymoon but... that was in 2020. Still, the Mediterranean nation has a captivating allure, even if you can't recite lines from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. (I certainly can't.)

For a lot of people, the term "Greek food" conjures images of gyros and pita. I'm a big fan, but Grecian food is much more than that. Of course, given its location there's a heavy seafood influence, and you'll notice a pretty strong olive influence in the recipes on our site as well. Yet there are also options as far afield as a turkey zucchini meatloaf! (I'm totally serious — check it out.)

If you don't have a yiayia to ask for instructions, we've gathered some of our favorite Greek recipes to help you throw the Greek dinner party of your dreams.

Here's a guide to what I would serve for a Greek-themed meal with some of your favorite people. Just note you'll need to adjust the portions based on the size of your gathering.

1. Tiropita Recipe

When guests arrive — before they even sit down — imagine if they had a warm cheesy-egg pastry like tiropita to snack on. You could always save this for the end of the meal, but I argue it will be easier to pass around as an hors d'oeuvre or starter. Because I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend the whole dinner in the kitchen cooking. I'm going to be out there with the people, enjoying!

2. Easy Greek Quinoa Salad Recipe

If I were hosting a dinner party, I'd start with something light and refreshing. This quinoa salad is perfect because you can serve it family-style, and it won't fill you up. Fresh vegetables really help brighten it.

3. Chopped Salad Recipe

You could also choose to go with a more traditional salad, like this chopped salad with olives, feta, tomato, and lemon juice (among other things). Predictable, maybe, but that can be part of making sure your guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Save some of the dazzle for later in the meal.

4. Paleo Greek Lemon Chicken Soup Recipe

Maybe you're hosting this dinner party when it's cold out and you want something warmer to kick things off and help guests relax. This lemon chicken soup is the perfect way to do it! It also tastes great cold or at room temperature though, making it a versatile option.

5. Lemon Chicken and Rice Soup Recipe

Wait a minute — didn't you just give us a lemon chicken soup recipe? Sure did. But this is a popular choice for a Greek meal, and you deserve options. This version comes with olive tapenade croutons, which may win you over. But I recommend reading both and deciding which sounds more appealing!

6. Greek Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans Recipe

Alright, let's get into the sides! A sheet pan roasted dish like this one is ideal for larger crowds, letting you maximize oven space and still feed a small army. Potatoes are a perfect accompaniment to so many meals, and these will help make sure your guests don't leave hungry (a crime).

7. Greek Shrimp with Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

Eric, did you write this entire post just for an excuse to share these shrimp skewers with tzatziki? Kinda. There are a few ingredients that I will almost always order if I see them show up in a dish, and tzatziki is one of them. Paired with grilled shrimp? I'm locked in. This is also perfect for warm weather and backyard entertaining, pretending you feel the sea breeze drifting off the coast as you dip into the yogurty cucumber sauce. (You can make it indoors too, obviously.)

8. Greek Pasta Salad Recipe

Another classic and safe choice, pasta salad is a staple in many American homes. This one is flavorful and light, incorporating veggies and giving you a distinct-yet-paired experience with the rest of your meal.

9. Greek Gyro Skillet Recipe

Time for the main course, and we're going to offer you a few options! You've had a gyro before, we assume, but probably never in skillet format. This can be an interesting way to switch up the meal, giving guests something familiar yet unique in a way that they'll appreciate it (whether they're more conservative or adventurous eaters). A good crowd-pleasing choice!

10. Sheet Pan Greek Shrimp Dinner Recipe

Not sick of shrimp yet? Me either. And as mentioned before, sheet pan meals make entertaining infinitely easier, so this bears inclusion. It's quick and easy to prepare, and I like that it draws in green beans for some veggie variety. You could always make this and swap something else for the shrimp skewers mentioned earlier, whether you're grilling lamb or octopus!

11. One Pan Greek Chicken and Rice Recipe

Speaking of simple! How about a one-pan entree? The bell pepper gives the dish some texture, but the juicy chicken is the star of the show.

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