9 Perfect Pasta Dishes We Can’t Stop Making

Cyd Converse

I love experimenting with new dishes and different cuisines, but so often it's tried and true favorite dishes that I make over and over and over again.

The ease and predictability of pasta make it a natural choice when you're looking for a simple yet delicious meal that your entire family will love. 

If you're looking for a perfect meal that will come together easily, but is wildly satisfying, look no further than these perfect pasta dishes we can't stop making.

1. Beef Mushroom Rigatoni Recipe

This beef mushroom rigatoni recipe is about to become your new favorite. This make ahead comfort meal can easily serve the masses, plus it freezes beautifully. Loads of veggies, ground beef and fresh herbs stew together with garlic and tomatoes to make a rich, hearty sauce that is perfect served over rigatoni or your pasta of choice. Simple and delicious!

2. Chicken Asparagus Pasta Recipe

Our beloved chicken asparagus pasta makes the easiest and most delicious weeknight dinner the whole family will enjoy! With the creamy lemon garlic parmesan sauce and the tender asparagus, it’s perfect for spring, too. I like how this one pot meal keeps prep time and dishes minimal, which means it's easy to toss together a side salad while it cooks.

3. Skillet Meatball Lasagna Recipe

When it comes to tried and true, trust me when I say that this skillet meatball lasagna recipe is a no-fail dinner you will find yourself making over and over. It takes just a handful of ingredients that you likely already have in your kitchen. It's such a hearty dish, and the layers of meat, cheese and all that sauce make this a stick-to-your-ribs sort of meal.

4. Creamy Mushroom Pasta Recipe

This creamy mushroom pasta recipe might be my favorite of the bunch! A luscious and creamy mushroom sauce is tossed with pasta and topped with fresh herbs. It's ready in just minutes so it is perfect for busy weeknights, plus the flavor and texture is out of this world. It's rich, satisfying and such a crowd favorite around our house.

5. Lemon Chicken Linguine Recipe

This easy and delicious lemon chicken linguine is a simple and delicious way to serve your family an easy dinner everyone will love. Featuring a rich, creamy sauce infused with fresh lemons, this lemon chicken linguine recipe makes the perfect, easy dinner any night of the week. At the end of the day this is a simple meal guaranteed to become a family favorite.

6. Beef Lombardi Recipe

When it comes to easy, this beef lombardi recipe ranks right up there with the easiest! It's also a freezer-friendly one pot meal everyone will love. Ground beef is cooked in a large deep skillet and seasoned with garlic, herbs, tomato paste, and diced tomatoes. Serve it topped with sour cream, black olives, and chives or your other favorite toppings.

7. White Lasagna Recipe

A super easy, creamy lasagna recipe made with a delicious homemade alfredo sauce that's ready in an hour? This incredible white lasagna recipe checks all the boxes. Made with butter, cream cheese, garlic salt, grated cheeses and seasonings, the alfredo sauce is rich and delicious, and you don't even have to make a roux!

8. 15 Minute Caprese Pasta Recipe

A 15 minute caprese pasta dish made with the classic tomato, mozzarella and basil trio results in a delicious, fast weeknight dinner that is so easy to make. Quickly sautéing onion and garlic in olive oil first adds so much flavor, but takes just a few moments to do. Chop onion, garlic, mozzarella, quarter your cherry tomatoes, slice some basil, and toss it all together. Dinner is served!

9. Creamy Cajun Pasta Recipe

This creamy cajun pasta is another wonder of a pasta dish made in just one pot. It is simple, creamy, and full of spice! Serve this pasta recipe anytime you need to add a little flavor to your dinner table or when you need to serve dinner in a flash. Making this cajun pasta with cavatappi pasta is a total win in terms of flavor and texture. You have to try this one.

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