9 Fancy Appetizer Recipes To Make For Your Next Party

Cyd Converse

6. Whipped Goat Cheese Recipe

Our whipped goat cheese is an easy party appetizer that feels just the right amount of fancy when served with herbed crackers and fresh veggies. Sometimes a few simple, quality ingredients (in this case goat cheese, herbs and honey) outshine far more complicated recipes and this is one of those instances.

7. Smoked Salmon Dip Recipe

Something about smoked salmon always makes for a fancy appetizer despite what may be a very minimal amount of effort in the kitchen. Enter this smoked salmon dip. Smoked salmon, fresh dill, lemon, capers, horseradish, cream cheese and red onion all merge into one truly flavorful dip recipe. My best suggestion? Double the recipe because it will be gone in no time.

8. Garlic Butter Baked Mushrooms Recipe

Buttery, garlicky baked mushrooms may not scream fancy to you, but somehow they feel like a very fancy appetizer recipe indeed. You can throw this simple recipe together in just a few minutes and the warm garlic butter sauce left behind is pretty epic when mopped up with crusty bread. This is the rustic yet elevated appetizer of your dreams - it also makes a great side dish, too!

9. Goat Cheese Asparagus Tart Recipe

Call anything a "tart" and it automatically sounds very fancy. Use a sheet of frozen puff pastry, top it with a spread of goat cheese, fresh asparagus and finely sliced red onion and you've got an appetizer that is worthy of any occasion. Simple appetizers like this are one of the reasons I try to keep frozen puff pastry in my freezer at all times!

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