8 Perfectly Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

Matt R.

Let's be honest: Slow cooker pumpkin french toast is delicious.

But it might not be the healthiest breakfast out there.

Below, however, we've compiled a number of pumpkin recipes that don't just taste great. They are also great for you.


1. Healthy Pumpkin Muffins Recipe

Healthy pumpkin muffins made with whole grain and healthy pumpkin. Such a great way to start a crisp fall morning!

2. Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

Pumpkin Chia Seed Pudding brings a comforting pudding to Pumpkin Week. You'll be amazed at this healthy dish.

3. Pumpkin Protein Bars Recipe

Pumpkin Protein Bars are the perfect grab-and-go breakfast. Easy to make, and so healthy!

4. Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Pumpkin Bread will make your Fall day complete. Nothing smells better than chocolate pumpkin bread baking in the...

5. Whole Wheat Pumpkin Muffins Recipe

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Muffins bring health and goodness to your morning. And with pumpkin!

6. Whole Wheat Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies are a deliciously soft cookie worthy of teatime OR breakfast time. That's right, we said BREAKFAST!

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