8 Awesome Alfredo Recipes: Pasta Perfection!

Matt R.

Simply put, Alfredo is an awesome addition to nearly any pasta recipe.

Why is this the case?

Scroll through the following recipes and you'll quickly see for yourself:

1. Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe

This is fettuccine alfredo as it was originally made in Italy by the man who created the recipe (Alfredo himself.) It does not have...

2. Creamy Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe

This creamy more American style Fettuccine Alfredo is likely what you'll remember from when you were a kid. It is a true indulgence, and...

3. Gluten Free Chicken Alfredo Recipe

Gluten Free Chicken Alfredo gives you your favorite Italian restaurant dish. Not to mention easy and gluten free!

4. Blackened Chicken Alfredo Recipe

Blackened Chicken Alfredo is a dish you'll make again and again. A great family dinner.

5. Fettuccine Alfredo for Two Recipe

Fettuccine Alfredo for Two would be perfect for an intimate dinner for you and a special someone. Easy, quick, and absolutely irresistible!

6. Easy Alfredo Sauce Recipe

Easy Alfredo Sauce comes together in just minutes. Great for pizza, pasta, or just dipping!

7. Alfredo Pasta for Two Recipe

Alfredo Pasta for Two is an easy dinner to share with a special someone. Use broccoli or another favorite vegetable for a fabulous dinner!

8. Gluten Free Cauliflower Alfredo Penne Recipe

Gluten Free Cauliflower Alfredo Penne you can bake up for a delicious dinner. It's a casserole, sure, but it's good for ya!

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