7 Unexpected Things You Can Do with Apricots

Matt R.

Apricots are an excellent source of vitamin A.

This type of fruit is also a solid source of vitamin C, copper, dietary fiber and potassium.

And did we mention it's delicious?

It's also surprisingly versatile.

You may be surprised by the number of recipes we've come up with below that center on the use of apricots. But we guarantee this: you'll be pleasantly surprised...

1. Apricot Jam Recipe

Sweet, tart Apricot Jam is a summer staple. Can it, and you can enjoy it year round!

2. Apricot Balls Recipe

Apricot Balls are easy no-bake cookies. Great for snacks, lunch boxes, and an afternoon pick-me-up.

3. Easter Trail Mix Recipe

Easter trail mix for your sweet little bunnies. Fill your eggs, snack bowls, and hands with this delicious snack!

4. Energy Balls Recipe

Energy Balls are perfect for keeping the hunger pangs away. You and your kids will love them!

5. Apricot Granola Recipe

Apricot Granola has a burst of flavor from the dried apricots. Wonderful to keep on hand for when you need something good right away.

6. Stone Fruit Cobbler with Bourbon Recipe

Stone Fruit Cobbler with Bourbon smells amazing while it cooks. You'll hardly be able to wait!

7. Summer Focaccia Recipe

Summer Focaccia has a fruity topping of apricots and cherries. Use any stone fruit you love.

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