7 Champagne Recipes That Will Give You a Cause to Celebrate

Matt R.

It doesn't take much to enjoy a glass of champagne.

Pop the cork. Tip the bottle. And take a gulp. We're guessing it will taste pretty darn delicious.

But if you're interesting in taking your champagne game to an entirely new level, consider the following tasty recipes tonight...

1. Raspberry Mango Bellini Recipe

Raspberry Mango Bellini is great for an evening party or holiday brunch. Sparkling and delicious.

2. Champagne Jello Shots Recipe

Champagne Jello Shots are a delightful way to have a celebration. Serve in shot glasses.

3. Cranberry Aquavit Cocktail Recipe

This cranberry aquavit cocktail will make your spirits bright. It's a merry little cocktail everyone will adore.

4. Cranberry Simple Syrup

Cranberry simple syrup can be used to make all sorts of cocktails, or even poured over ice cream. It's perfect for winter-time.

5. Green Tea Cocktail Recipe

Green Tea Cocktail is the versatile cocktail you can serve at any party. Champagne or sparkling cider--you choose!

6. Homemade Chai Concentrate Recipe

Homemade Chai Concentrate Recipe is just what you need for your chai concoction. No need to buy it at the store anymore!

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