29 Reasons to Give Thanks for the Food Network

Matt R.

The Food Network is great. We're not afraid to admit this.

But not everyone has time to watch every program on this channel.

Fortunately, we're here for you.

We've collected a number of Food Network recipes below, delicious items that range from breakfast to lunch to dinner to dessert. ENJOY!

1. Pioneer Woman Nachos Recipe

These Pioneer Woman nachos make for a great side dish or even a hearty meal.

2. Pioneer Woman Grilled Cheese Recipe

This grilled cheese recipe leads to the Pioneer Woman's favorite sandwich in the world. It's easy to see why.

3. Pioneer Woman Chocolate Curls Recipe

These Pioneer Woman Chocolate Curls make for a very simple, and very tasty, dessert.

4. Barefoot Contessa Chicken Chili Recipe

This Barefoot Contessa Chicken Chili Recipe is perfect for a cold winter evening. Or any evening, really!

5. Pioneer Woman Penne alla Vodka Recipe

This Penne alla Vodka recipe comes courtesy of The Pioneer Woman and The Food Network. It's great stuff!

6. Barefoot Contessa Lemon Chicken Recipe

This lemon chicken recipe comes from a very reliable source: The Barefoot Contessa herself!

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