17 Ultra Decadent Chocolate Recipes

Hayley Parker | The Domestic Rebel

7. Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes

A classic for a reason: no one can resist a fudgy chocolate cupcake!

8. Chocolate Cherry Truffles

Bite-sized morsels of heaven dunked in rich milk chocolate. It’d be impossible to eat just one!

9. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pudding

Chocoholics will delight in this rich and creamy dessert.

10. Buckeye Graham Crackers

Chocolate and peanut butter win again in this surprisingly simple recipe.

11. Chocolate Avocado Mini Donuts

Avocado makes these rich and fudgy donuts extra moist while offering a nutritional boost.

12. Chocolate Coconut Overnight Oats

Make breakfast ultra-decadent with this easy overnight oats recipe! Who doesn’t want chocolate for breakfast?

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