17 Raspberry Recipes You Need to Try Today

Matt R.

You never want to get a raspberry. Those types of markings on your skin can be very painful.

But do you ever want to use raspberries in your cooking? HECK YES!

Consider the following raspberry-based recipes and you'll understand why:

1. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pudding Recipe

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pudding is rich and creamy. A chocolate lover's dream.

2. Raspberry Jam Recipe

Raspberry Jam is sweet and sultry, the personification of summertime's bounty. You'll be grateful you canned it come December!

3. White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Fudge Recipe

White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Fudge is made with white chocolate with a swirl of raspberry. Perfect for any time of year.

4. Whiskey Raspberry Glazed Duck Breasts Recipe

Whiskey Raspberry Glazed Duck Breasts make for an elegant Valentine's dinner at home. The whiskey raspberry glaze makes them extra delicious.

5. Brown Butter Raspberry Pie Blondies Recipe

Brown Butter Raspberry Pie Blondies are a chewy, buttery revelation. Topped with sweet, glorious raspberry pie filling.

6. Raspberry Mojito Recipe

Raspberry Mojito is sugar free and utterly delicious. How can you resist this?

7. Raspberry Pound Cake Recipe

Raspberry Pound Cake is exactly the thing you need for your afternoon tea. Sweet, tart, and completely amazing.

8. Gluten Free Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Gluten Free Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream uses the plentiful raspberries of the season. Grab a spoon and go!

9. Raspberry Biscoff Crumb Bars Recipe

Raspberry Biscoff Crumb Bars have fresh raspberries and Biscoff spread. Awesome!

10. Raspberry Cider Whiskey Recipe

Raspberry Cider Whiskey is made with hard cider and whiskey. Add a little raspberry liqueur, and you're all set.

11. Raspberry Russian Holiday Cocktail Recipe

Raspberry Russian Holiday Cocktail is a festive drink for the holidays. A new take on a classic.

12. Raspberry Mango Bellini Recipe

Raspberry Mango Bellini is great for an evening party or holiday brunch. Sparkling and delicious.

13. Raspberry Manhattan Recipe

Raspberry Manhattan gives you sweet raspberries in this classic cocktail. Put your feet up!

14. Lemon Raspberry Cake for Two Recipe

Lemon Raspberry Cake for Two will be a perfect ending to your Valentine's Day. Light, sweet, and incredibly delicious.

15. Chocolate Raspberry Magic Bars Recipe

Chocolate Raspberry Magic Bars are like a party in your mouth. A dessert you'll definitely make again!

16. Paula Deen Raspberry Bar Recipe

This raspberry bar recipe comes to us courtesy of Paula Deen. They are delicious!

17. Raspberry Mint Tequila Smash Recipe

Raspberry Mint Tequila Smash is a simple, refreshing cocktail full of sweetness. Great for celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

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