16 Grilling Recipes for the Perfect Gameday

Matt R.

Are you ready for some football?!?

Correction: are you ready for some football-based eating?!?

In honor of college football and professional football, it's time to get your tailgating game to the next level.

Don't just throw a boring old patty on the grill in the parking lot. Consider the following grilling recipes and become the most popular man (or woman!) in the stadium...

1. Chili Cheese Dogs Recipe

Chili Cheese Dogs is a classic recipe everyone enjoys. And so easy!

2. Teriyaki Steak Kabobs Recipe

This Teriyaki steak kabobs recipe calls for a delicious marinade and then very little time on the grill. It's a simple dinner you can...

3. BBQ Burger Recipe

This BBQ burger recipe has a secret ingredient: it's whiskey! And it's delicious!

4. Smoked Ribs Recipe

Smoked Ribs are a succulent Sunday supper. You'll love them, especially with your own custom spice rub.

5. Homemade Hot Dog Chili Recipe

Homemade Hot Dog Chili will take your hot dog to the next level. So tasty.

6. Taco Burger Recipe

Taco Burger just took your barbecue to the next level. A burger with a taco twist!

7. Skirt Steak Street Tacos Recipe

Skirt Steak Street Tacos has tender beef rolled into a corn taco shell. The cilantro lime sauce is bright and creamy.

8. Shrimp Burgers Recipe

Shrimp Burgers are sure to be a hit. Lots of fresh flavors with a little kick.

9. Sweet Black Pepper Bratwursts Recipe

Sweet Black Pepper Brats are simple grilling perfection for your next tailgate. Fire up the grill and slather on the sauce, cus these are...

10. Hawaiian Burger Recipe

A Hawaiian Burger grilled up on a sunny day, could there be anything finer? The pineapple and onions get grilled too, for one amazing...

11. Mexican Street Corn Nachos Recipe

Mexican Street Corn Nachos are great for summertime parties, tailgating, and just about every other occasion. Festive and so delicious!

12. Cheddar Herb Swirl Rolls Recipe

Cheddar Herb Swirl Rolls are great game day grub. Make a huge batch for halftime!

13. Oven Fried Pickles Recipe

Oven Fried Pickles just made game day all the more spicy. Don't forget the sriracha ketchup!

14. Bloody Mary Chicken Wings Recipe

Bloody Mary Chicken Wings takes your game day food to the next level. Spicy and totally packed with flavor.

15. Shredded Chicken Nachos for Two Recipe

Shredded chicken nachos for two make game day great! Use leftover slow cooked chicken for a delicious dinner.

16. Buffalo Blue Cheese Dip Recipe

Buffalo Blue Cheese Dip is game day grub like you've never had. Serve it with celery, chips, or even pretzels!

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