15 Soups and Stews to Kick Off Fall

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It's soup season! Celebrate Fall with 15 cozy recipes.

1. 15 Cozy Soup and Stew Recipes

15 Cozy Soup and Stew Recipes
Stay cozy with one of 15 fabulous Fall recipes!

2. Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

It's cold and flu season, so keep this classic recipe on hand!

3. Cheddar Potato Soup Recipe

Creamy, cheesy, and potato-ey. Does it get better?

4. Vegetable Barley Soup Recipe

This soup is so easy to make and is perfect for a weeknight meal.

5. Slow Cooker Ham Soup Recipe

This ham soup is packed full of good-for-you lentils!

6. Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup Recipe

This zesty soup is a great one to have in your slow cooker arsenal!

7. Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

Make a double batch of this in the slow cooker and freeze half of it to thaw on a busy night.

8. Chicken, Sausage and Shrimp Gumbo Recipe

This hearty gumbo warms you up with it's spicy flavor.

9. Vegan Stew Recipe

This Vegan Irish stew features Guinness in the recipe, to give it a nice hearty flavor despite the lack of meat.

10. Coconut Curry Soup Recipe

The flavors in this creamy soup will make you feel like you're on an exotic vacation!

11. Chicken Afritada Recipe

This one-pot stew features chicken and an Asian inspired tomato broth.

12. Sourdough Bread Bowl Recipe

Let's face it -- regular bowls are boring. Edible bread bowls for life!

13. Leftover Soup Recipe

Got some odd and end veggies hanging out in the crisper? Throw on a pot of this Leftover Soup to use them up!

14. Tomato Soup Recipe

This creamy, homemade bowl of nostalgia is full of spinach and brown rice, making it perfectly suitable as a meal.

15. Zuppa Toscana Recipe

Have the famed Olive Garden soup in the comfort of your own home with this recipe!

16. Sausage Bean Soup Recipe

This hearty soup simmers as you go about your day, making the house feel cozy and full of good smells.

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