15 Great Grilled Meals for Memorial Day

Shaina Olmanson | Food for My Family

Memorial Day weekend has arrived. It's time to scrape off the grates of your trusty grill and fire it up for a friendly barbecue. If you're looking for inspiration or a way to make your everyday burger pop, we have just the answer. These grilled meals and sides and even dessert are just what this party ordered.


We've got your grill covered in everything from pizza and burgers to fish and tacos. It's time to kick back and enjoy the long weekend! 


1. Grilled Chicken Quesadilla Recipe

These chicken quesadillas are easy peasy on the grill, and they're a refreshing change from your ordinary grillables.

2. Grilled S'mores Recipe

No campfire? No problem. S'mores are great on the grill, too!

3. Grilled Meatballs Recipe

Grilled meatballs are the perfect food on a stick for your Memorial Day festivities.

4. Grilled Chicken Taco Pizza Recipe

Looking for something to round out those quesadillas? Look no further. This taco pizza gets baked right on the same grate.

5. Grilled Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Don't forget the sides this weekend. These sweet potatoes will go nicely with your burger and brats.

6. BBQ Burger Recipe

These barbecue burgers are something special with a splash of whiskey.

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