15 Cozy Fall Recipes for Dinner You Need to Make This Month

Cyd Converse

No disrespect to my favorite taco recipe, but the time of year has come where I'm all about cozy fall recipes for dinner...and, well, any meal really.

Of course, I'm all about an easy soup recipe for a simple weeknight dinner or even served alongside thick slices of homemade bread for Sunday night dinner.

I also love a good, cozy one pot meal, slow cooker recipe or sheet pan dinner to make the most of dinnertime. These 15 fall recipes check all the boxes!

1. Balsamic Glazed Chicken and Veggies Sheet Pan Dinner

If you're looking for a truly easy dinner recipe that boasts all the flavors of fall and just makes the whole house smell cozy while it's cooking, this is the one for you! Our balsamic glazed chicken and veggie sheet pan dinner recipe is simple to make, filling and a sure a hit with the family. You can switch up the vegetables based on what you have on hand, toss it together and dinner is served.

2. Instant Pot Cajun Chili Recipe

We eat a lot of chili in the fall and winter months, but this Instant Pot cajun chili recipe is not your average chili recipe, friends. With a decided Creole twist, this chili packs spicy notes of paprika and cayenne pepper, punches of zesty garlic and onion, loaded with andouille sausage, ground chicken and tender shrimp.

3. Beef Lombardi Recipe

Not only is our beef lombardi recipe a delicious and easy one pot meal everyone will love, but it's also freezer-friendly so you can prep it in advance or make the most of the leftovers. Ground beef is cooked in a large deep skillet and seasoned with garlic, herbs, tomato paste, and diced tomatoes. When done, everything is topped with sour cream, black olives, and chives.

4. Tex Mex Enchilada Meatballs Recipe

Our much loved recipe for juicy and flavorful Tex Mex enchilada meatballs is made with a combination of ground beef and chorizo then simmered in a Texas style homemade enchilada sauce. While these enchilada meatballs are perfect as an appetizer, we love serving them as a main dish with simple seasoned rice or stuffed into a meatball sub.

5. Easy Cheeseburger Skillet Recipe

If you loved Hamburger Helper as a kid, it's time to level up your dinner game with our easy cheeseburger skillet recipe - it's a total winner of a meal. It's easy to prepare, delicious to eat and simple to clean up! My favorite way to do dinner, especially during the week. Made with lots of chunky ground beef, orzo, cheese, mustard and tomatoes, your favorite burger is about to have competition.

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