15 Breakfast in Bed Recipes for Kids To Make on Mother’s Day

Nicole Austin

A creative and heartfelt Mother’s Day gift goes a long way for a mom’s busy heart - any mother can attest to wanting one special day where she feels like the center of her own little universe - even if only for a short while.

While a card or words of appreciation always go a long way, it is so much fun to go the extra mile to show Mom your love by spoiling her with breakfast in bed.

We’re taking the pressure off with these delicious breakfast recipes so easy even little ones can help make Mom feel especially loved on Mother's Day. 

Pro tip: Everything tastes better when you let her sleep in. (And remember - it’s only a gift if you do the dishes and clean up the kitchen!)

1. Chocolate Strawberry Brioche French Toast Recipe

Replace the traditional chocolate covered strawberries with this sweet and unique French toast recipe that Mom will long remember. Topped with our chocolate coconut whip and fresh chocolate dipped strawberries, be sure to finish everything off with a big chocolate drizzle and lots of love.

2. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars Recipe

Anything cheesecake is bound to be a surefire winner for most sweets lovers, and this recipe for our oatmeal chocolate chip cheesecake bars does not disappoint. I love the rich flavors of cheesecake combined with a chocolatey oatmeal cookie base. Plus, oatmeal = breakfast, right? Little ones will love helping make these bars, too. They're so easy!

3. Smoked Salmon Avocado Cream Cheese Bagel Recipe

Does the special mother figure in your life prefer savory over sweet? These hearty, rich bagels will fill her up for her day full of pampering or family fun. This smoked salmon avocado cream cheese bagel recipe makes a breakfast you’d expect to see at an upscale brunch, but it's so simple to make. Mom will love it!

4. Gluten Free Banana Bread Bars Recipe

Made in a baking dish rather than a loaf pan, these gluten free banana bread bars have that classic homestyle banana bread flavor in a slightly new way. Excellent for people with or without a gluten sensitivity, these banana bread bars taste great and don’t compromise flavor! They make a sweet addition to Mother's Day breakfast in bed.

5. Green Chile Egg Taquitos Recipe

Filling and warm, these green chile egg taquitos are easy to make ahead of time and freeze for reheating if you’re tight on time this Mother’s Day. Spice them up with salsa and jalapeños for a mom that likes the heat, or serve them as-is for a milder breakfast treat. Paired with fresh fruit and coffee, breakfast is complete!

6. Protein Waffles Recipe

Super filling and hearty, these waffles are a great start to a busy day that will keep everyone satisfied for a long time. Protein rich and easy to customize with a selection of fresh fruit, powdered sugar, nut butters, Nutella and the syrup of your choice, your mom will be thankful for these soft and crispy waffles.

7. Cheesy Avocado Egg in a Hole Recipe

Ready in under 30 minutes, with a restaurant-style flair, this toasty, cheesy avocado egg in a hole recipe results in breakfast treats that are crispy and flavorful, showing Mom that she’s worth the extra mile. Egg in a hole makes for a breakfast that is wildly simple to make, but tastes like it took far more effort.

8. Toaster Oven Egg Bake Recipe

Protein-packed and extremely customizable, this toaster oven egg bake is super simple and pairs great with a sweet bread or muffin, and a side of breakfast sausage or bacon. Take it one step beyond the usual scrambled egg breakfast with this easy egg dish that Mom will be craving long after Mother's Day.

9. Gluten Free Blueberry Pancakes Recipe

Everyone loves delicious blueberry pancakes! These soft, fluffy gluten free blueberry pancakes will be a delight for Mom as she wakes up to a delicious stack with her name all over it on Mother's Day. Pancakes are great because everyone loves them and they're a true breeze to make. Little hands love to help measure, mix and pour the batter when it comes to pancakes.

10. Easy Migas Recipe

Is your mom a huge Tex-Mex food fan? Looking for that savory, hot breakfast with a touch of added flair? Look no further than our easy Migas recipe. This egg-based breakfast pulls Tex-Mex inspiration in with the crunchy tortilla chips, salty queso fresco, cherry tomatoes, peppers and more. You can easily swap up the flavors based on Mom's favorites.

11. Gluten Free Almond Joy Granola Recipe

Candy bar lovers everywhere will rejoice with this granola recipe. This tasty granola tastes like the Almond Joy bars that your mom enjoys the most, but is perfect for breakfast or snacking. Served sprinkled on vanilla yogurt or even ice cream, or in a small dish alongside eggs and toast, this granola will delight Mom!

12. Nutella Pop Tarts Recipe

A super simple Nutella tart recipe that can be customized to your heart’s delight, these pop tarts are guaranteed to show Mom she has the key to your heart. It’s hard to imagine a better way to express love through food than a sweet pastry, and fan favorite Nutella is popular for a reason - it’s just so darn good!

13. Vegan Banana Split Smoothie Bowl Recipe

One thing we LOVE about smoothie bowls is that you can make them entirely your own without a lot of extra effort. This smoothie bowl recipe provides some excellent base ideas for a delicious, fun breakfast for Mom, and you can add or remove anything to include all her favorites like fruit, sprinkles, nuts and more.

14. Gluten Free Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes Recipe

Sign. Me. Up! I hope my kids read this, because pancakes rolled up around a cheesecake filling and topped with fresh fruit? Yes, please! Where have these sweet pancakes been all my life? Go the extra mile and drizzle some chocolate or strawberry syrup over the top to make it look like a world class chef visited Mom on her big day.

15. Smoked Salmon BLT Recipe

These yummy smoked salmon breakfast sandwiches, served on an English muffin and loaded with fresh veggies and crispy bacon, will definitely start the day off on the right foot. Show Mom you love and appreciate her with a breakfast unlike any she’s ever had before. She will absolutely love this one!

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