14 Nutella Recipes That are More Than Just Dessert

Matt R.

Sure, Nutella can be tasty on its own.

Go ahead and stick your finger in a jar, give it a lick and you'll probably end up happy.

But consider the following dessert recipes if you really want to take your Nutella game to the next level. We really think you should..

1. Fried Nutella Hand Pies Recipe

Fried Nutella Hand Pies are the sweet treat to nibble after dinner. Who doesn't love Nutella?

2. Nutella Cookie Bars Recipe

This cookie bars recipe takes full advantage of Nutella. 13 ounces worth, to be exact!

3. Pioneer Woman Chocolate Nutella Cake Recipe

A chocolate Nutella cake recipe? From The Pioneer Woman?!? Sign us up, please!

4. Nutella Banana Bread Recipe

Nutella Banana Bread throws Nutella into the center of banana bread. What an amazing breakfast!

5. Toffee Nutella Cookies Recipe

Toffee Nutella cookies are a fantastic addition to any cookie tray. If you love Symphony bars, these will be your new favorite cookies!

6. Nutella Almond Granola Recipe

Nutella Almond Granola is healthy and indulgent at the same time. Oats, almonds, and a gorgeous chocolate sauce really make this special.

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