13 Chicken Recipes You Can Make Ahead for Lunch Next Week

Cyd Converse

A couple of months ago my husband I started meal prepping for the week ahead on Sundays. We start with a basic weekly menu and get to chopping.

While it can be a touch time consuming, having loads of veggies roasted, proteins prepared and meals thought out helps so much during the busy week. 

Working from home, lunch is suprisingly a challenge for me. I always seem to fumble when it comes time to actually take the time to make myself lunch.

Enter these delicious chicken recipes that you can make ahead for lunch! Spend a bit of time prepping on Sunday and thank yourself all week long.

1. Pesto Chicken Pull Apart Sliders Recipe

These easy to make pesto chicken pull apart sliders are the perfect quick and easy dinner, but the leftover sliders are amazing for lunch the next day or throughout the week. To make things even easier to prep and make ahead, grab a couple of rotisserie chickens from the grocery store and these pesto chicken sliders will come together very quickly.

2. Spicy Grilled Chicken with Mango Avocado Salsa

These spicy ginger grilled chicken thighs with mango avocado salsa make for a juicy, flavorful grilled dish that you can eat so many different ways! Eat the chicken as is with the salsa, shred the meat and make tacos, or make crostini out of the meat with the salsa on top. The versatility of this recipe make it ideal for prepping to use for lunches all week long.

3. Balsamic Glazed Chicken and Vegetable Sheet Pan Recipe

We're big fans of a sheet pan meal in our house because it makes getting dinner on the table a breeze. The same is true for meal prepping! Our balsamic glazed chicken sheet pan recipe is ideal for dinner, but it's also an incredible way to make delicious glazed chicken for the entire week with all the sweet potatoes, onions and Brussels sprouts you could want on the side.

4. Grilled Herb Hummus Chicken Kebabs Recipe

This recipe for our grilled herb hummus chicken kebabs is a hit for a reason. Savory, tender chicken is marinated in creamy homemade jalapeño hummus resulting in a wildly flavor chicken dish. These grilled kebabs are a great way to prep a bunch of chicken that you can easily use throughout the week to top salads, grain bowls or stuff into wraps or sandwiches.

5. Charred Caesar Salad Avocado Tacos Recipe

These charred Caesar salad avocado tacos are totally unique and absolutely delicious. A simple Caesar marinade for the chicken really brings out the classic flavors of the salad, and the char from the grill gives the tacos a nice, smoky flavor. Prep everything over the weekend and then assemble your tacos when it comes time to eat lunch.

6. Cashew Chicken Curry Recipe

This sheet pan recipe is a brilliant way to plan ahead for lunch. Chicken breast is coated in crunchy cashews and baked alongside roasted cauliflower, tomatoes and onions all tossed with curry and loads of fresh mint and fresh cilantro. In just about a half an hour you can prep and roast lunch for your entire work week.

7. Garlic Baked Chicken Recipe

If you want to meal prep for lunch, but you like to switch up your flavors from day to day, bake up a batch of our garlic baked chicken! This crispy oven baked chicken is coated with loads of garlic and it's ready in just minutes. You can then use the chicken throughout the week for salads, sandwiches, wraps, tacos and grain bowls as you see fit.

8. Everything Bagel Chicken Recipe

This everything bagel chicken recipe is a hit among hits - it's a total Food Fanatic fan favorite! Chicken breasts are butterflied and then slathered with cream cheese and crusted with poppy seeds, toasted sesame seeds, dried onion, dried garlic and salt before being seared and baked. You can make a batch to pair with potatoes, grains or salads all week long.

9. Easy Chili Marmalade Chicken Recipe

Our easy chili marmalade chicken recipe is guaranteed to become one you bookmark to make over and over again. It is rich in flavor, the chicken is tender and juicy, and it's so easy to make. Simmered in soy sauce, chili garlic paste, rice vinegar and orange juice, there's just no resisting this chicken. It stores well, reheats well, and is also delicious cold right out of the fridge.

10. Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Another sheet pan recipe for the win, our sheet pan chicken fajitas recipe is a total score when it comes to meal prepping for lunches for the week ahead. These sheet pan chicken fajitas are quick and easy to put together. You can then eat them as is, pile the chicken and veggies over a bowl of quinoa or rice, or stuff them into tortillas with your favorite toppings.

11. Ranch Pulled Chicken Sandwich Recipe

These ranch pulled chicken sandwiches are unlike anything you've ever had before, and they're made with the most addictive barbecue sauce you'll ever taste. They're topped with a heaping serving of white barbecue slaw, and it's so easy to make in advance for lunches. Make the chicken itself in the Crock Pot, prep the slaw, and assemble sandwiches on the go throughout the week.

12. Greek Yogurt Chicken Recipe

Not only does this Greek yogurt chicken recipe pack a ton of protein and flavor, but it's deceptively simple to make and prep in advance. This recipe features the chicken paired with zesty zucchini noodles, but you can really serve it with any side you prefer. Add in tomatoes (both fresh and sun-dried tomatoes), fresh herbs and lemon and you've got an unbelievable meal.

13. Chicken Fajita Salad Recipe

When I worked in an office, salads were my go-to way to pack lunch to bring along with me each day. This chicken fajita salad recipe is perfect for lunch on the go, but it's also equally as handy to prep for lunches if you work from home. A hearty salad topped with grilled chicken, peppers, onion, avocados, and a salsa vinaigrette dressing, this is definitely not your average salad!

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