12 Awesome Ways to Make Ice Cream

Matt R.

Avocado in ice cream?!?

An even better way to consume Thin Mints that just downing an entire box?!?

Pumpkin pie AND ice cream together?!?

Oh, yes, we've come up with a handful of tasty and exotic ice cream recipes for readers to try at home tonight...

1. Avocado Ice Cream Recipe

Creamy avocado ice cream is a surprising summer treat. You'll love digging in to the dark chocolate chips too.

2. Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Bread Recipe

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Bread takes just three ingredients to make magic. Your family will adore this quick bread!

3. Oreo Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Easy no-bake Oreo Ice Cream Cake is a fantastic treat no matter the time of year. Everyone will go ga-ga over it!

4. Thin Mint Ice Cream Recipe

Thin Mint Ice Cream full of chocolatey goodness. Your favorite Girl Scout Cookies are swirled throughout this creamy dessert.

5. Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes Recipe

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes bring together cupcakes and ice cream cones in one treat. An amazing dessert to serve at a party!

6. Chocolate Dipped Lemon Oreo Ice Cream Bars Recipe

Chocolate Dipped Lemon Oreo Ice Cream Bars have the crisp, tart taste of lemon all covered in chocolate. The sprinkles make them...

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