11 Sweet Recipes to Make With Leftover Halloween Candy

Cyd Converse

We live in a truly epic neighborhood for trick or treating! Each Halloween we welcome hundreds of trick or treaters to our house and we love every minute.

I generally start stocking up on Halloween candy a couple months in advance and keep it stashed for Halloween night, and we still always run out.

That said, my little one always comes home with more candy than I can even fathom, much of which ultimately goes to waste in the coming weeks.

This year, I am committed to making the most of the leftover Halloween candy situation and that's where these 11 sweet recipes come into play!

1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bark Recipe

Chocolate, peanut butter, and pretzels makes perhaps one of the best flavor combinations of all time. The pairing of sweet and salty has always been a favorite of mine though. Our chocolate peanut butter pretzel bark recipe is truly a cinch to make, plus it will use up all those little packets of Reese's Pieces that make their way home on Halloween. Make it now. Thank me later.

2. Candy Corn Trash Recipe

Let's be honest - candy corn is totally polarizing! It's truly a love or hate situation when it comes to this iconic Halloween candy. What's much less polarizing is the popularity of so called "trash" recipes like our Halloween candy corn trash recipe! Crunchy pretzels, salty peanuts and sweet candy corn are all tossed and coated in white chocolate. It's the perfect way to use that leftover candy corn.

3. Snickers Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars Recipe

I love a bar cookie recipe because I think the texture always turns out amazing, but also because they're so easy to make! Our Snickers chocolate chip cookie bars are made with bite sized Snickers bars that you can easily swipe from the leftover Halloween candy. You could also adapt the same recipe with little Heath bars or Butterfingers bars, too! The possibilities are endless.

4. Monster Cookie Dough Dip Recipe

Believe it or not, this monster cookie dough dip is even better than actual cookies plus it's perfect for peanut butter lovers of all ages. You can dip so many things in this monster cookie dough dip, which you can easily make with leftover M&M's. A few favorites to serve with this easy cookie dough dip include pretzels, graham crackers, apples, and animal crackers, but you can dip whatever you like!

5. Giant M&M Cookies Recipe

Giant M&M's cookies are one of those classic bakery treats that everyone loves! Soft, buttery cookies studded with colorful M&M's are never not going to be a huge crowd pleaser. These giant sized cookies are really simple to make, plus they make a great way to use up leftover M&M's from the Halloween candy stash. You could even use peanut M&M's or Reese's Pieces!

6. Butterfinger Cupcakes Recipe

I love Butterfinger bars so much it's borderline unreasonable, so these Butterfinger cupcakes are right up my alley! Use leftover Halloween candy to make these cupcakes featuring Butterfinger bits mixed into the peanut butter cake, as well as piled generously on top of the creamy, decadent peanut butter frosting. This recipe would work well with other leftover candy bars as well!

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