11 Festive Cake Recipes Worthy of Celebrating Mom

Nicole Austin

Cake is the perfect sweet treat for celebrating Mom on Mother's Day. After call, cake and celebrations pretty much go hand in hand - just think of birthdays, graduations, weddings, holidays and more!

So, why not make Mom a special cake to show her how much she means to you? Homemade cakes also take time to bake making them the perfect present.

These cakes are wonderful to share with your family after a lovely day spent together, which is usually just what makes a mom’s heart super happy! (You can also deep clean the bathrooms - she won't complain.)

A Mother’s Day dessert is a lovely way to finish off a day you’ve made perfectly pleasant just for her. Here are our picks for the best Mother's Day cakes.

1. Cherry Chocolate Chip Poke Cake Recipe

Poke cakes are really neat - you literally poke into your cake after baking in order to drizzle some more delicious ingredients into the middle of the cake. This makes it extremely moist, flavorful, and unique. In this tasty recipe, you’ll be adding sweetened condensed milk, one of my absolute favorite sweet ingredients. If your mom loves chocolate covered cherries, this cake is for her!

2. Strawberry Limeade Cake Recipe

Our strawberry limeade cake recipe is a total treat for the senses! It's a really special cake recipe making it perfect for Mother's Day. The cake itself is moist, full of zippy lime flavor and pretty bright green color. The strawberry frosting has a bit of cream cheese in it, for a flavor combo that's a total win.

3. Banana Sheet Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting Recipe

This one-layer sheet cake is very simple to make but shows a lot of love and effort for Mom. Reminiscent of those peanut butter and banana sandwiches she made you for lunch, or peanut butter spread on her homemade banana bread, this recipe will be a flashback to childhood for you as you enjoy it together!

4. Boston Cream Pie Poke Cake Recipe

If your mom loves Boston Cream donuts or eclairs, this is the cake to make her on Mother's Day! This Boston Cream pie poke cake uses our rich vanilla cake recipe is then filled with pastry cream and topped with a chocolate ganache to round out the perfect combination of flavors that will make Mom smile.

5. Funfetti Strawberry Poke Cake Recipe

Bright, fun, and lively, this funfetti strawberry poke cake will look beautiful at the center of any Mother’s Day dessert table. Topped with cheerful sprinkles and fresh, juicy strawberries, Mom will be impressed with this joyful dessert for her special day. This one is the definition of festive and fun for a spring celebration.

6. Oreo Brookie Mousse Cake Recipe

Brookie, the lovechild of a brownie and a cookie, is the ultimate nod to any chocolate loving mom with this Oreo brookie mousse cake recipe. Fudge brownie, Oreo cheesecake, chocolate chip cookie mousse, and whipped cream are a total hit - if this cake doesn’t express your love for Mom, what will?

7. Gluten Free Apple Upside-Down Cake Recipe

I loooove apple recipes. Fall is my favorite time of the year because my family goes apple picking and we have such an abundance of apples that I’m more apt to try to make things I never think to try the rest of the year. While it isn’t fall now, the great news is that fresh, delicious apples remain available. Perfect for your apple-lovin’ mamas like me, this upside-down cake will be a huge hit!

8. Depression Cake Recipe

Don’t let the name of this cake bring you down. Depression cake, named such for being created during the Great Depression, is also known as War Cake or Wacky Cake. Minimalistic ingredients are the key to this cake’s rich flavor, which can be served as-is with a sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar or topped with a frosting or ganache for your pleasure.

9. Cream Cheese Bundt Cake Recipe

Bundt cakes are an easy way to make a beautiful presentation because the pan itself creates a curvy, delicious creation. This rich and dense cake is delicious as-is, like any pound cake, or can be topped with fresh fruits, chocolate or caramel drizzle, or a soft, sweet dusting of powdered sugar. Mom will love it!

10. Cake Pop Brownies Recipe

If your mom is anything like mine, cake pops are an instant win! That’s why these cake pop brownies would really show my mom I care. This recipe uses a boxed brownie mix, saving time in the kitchen so you can mix mom a cocktail to sip on, plus it's a simple recipe for little helping hands to join in making.

11. Cherry Cheesecake Poke Cake Recipe

Cheesecake. Cherries. Sweetened condensed milk. You could not possibly tempt me more! This cherry cheesecake poke cake recipe is the perfect dessert for moms who love cheesecake - like me! (Are my kids reading this? Hellooo?) I could eat this whole thing by myself, but because I love these kids, I’m willing to share. Probably. You need to give this one a try!

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