10 Tricks and Treats to Make for Halloween

Nicole Austin

6. Deviled Egg Eyeballs Recipe

Devilishly delicious eggs take on a creepy look that will make your party spread look spookishly spectacular with our deviled egg eyeballs recipe! Bloodshot eyeballs peeking up at you from a tray - does it get any cooler than that?! Every party needs something savory to balance out all the sweets, and these hit the spot while keeping on theme. A perfect combination.

7. Take 5 Pops Recipe

Another festive, seasonal candy lollipop combo that is going to wow your guests or trick or treaters, this recipe for our popular Take 5 pops boast a sweet and salty mix that will delight any age. I personally love the salty pretzel and caramel blend that’s so popular right now for good reason. They're also deceptively simple to make and the kids love helping!

8. Icky Intestines Bread Recipe

Sticky, sweet pastry bread forms into a coil of doughy “intestines” in this yummy recipe for intestines bread that lends that creepy-cool macabre visual appeal to any Halloween party food spread. Believe it or not, this ghastly bread also makes a great breakfast to get your kids in the spooky spirit leading up to Halloween.

9. Candy Apples Recipe

A true classic (that I could eat any time of the day or night), candy apples are synonymous with Halloween! I love to take the family apple picking at a local orchard, and with all the variations that you can possibly enjoy, candy apples are without a doubt incredibly popular. Fun to make together and bag up for a class party or take-home treat, candy apples are an absolute must for October!

10. Meringue Ghost Cookies Recipe

Rounding out the list of our favorite seasonal treats for spooky season is possibly one of the cutest recipes possible - our meringue ghost cookies recipes! These airy cookies make an adorable treat for young kids who might be too creeped out to appreciate bloodshot deviled egg eyeballs. These googly-eyed ghouls will bring a smile to any face and are simple to make and enjoy.

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