10 Homemade Easter Candies

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Hippity, hoppity, Easter's on it's way — and the piles of candy with it! While we might be a little obsessed with a few of the store-bought varieties (mini eggs, anyone?) we love rolling up our sleeves and turning out a batch of homemade candy.

It's easier than you think, as most recipes only require a few ingredients and a watchful eye. We even have no-bake recipes to get the proverbial candy ball rolling.

So if you're looking to take Easter sweets to another level, check out our favorite homemade candy recipes from Food Fanatic and our contributors.


1. Funfetti Cookie Dough Truffles

Eggless cookie dough all dressed up for spring is a must-have basket treat.

2. Homemade Truffles

Homemade Truffles
Rich and indulgent, these truffles from My Baking Addiction might be better saved for the grown-ups' basket. We won't tell. http://www.mybakingaddiction.com/fundamentals-simple-homemade-truffles/

3. Easy No-Bake Coconut Candy

Easy No-Bake Coconut Candy
What's better than "no bake"? Nothing! These sweet gems from Cookies & Cups are ready in a flash. http://cookiesandcups.com/easy-bake-coconut-candy/

4. Chocolate Caramel Candy

Fancy up the Easter baskets (and sneak some for yourself) with these gooey, chocolatey treats.

5. Dark Chocolate Macadamia Nut Bark

Dark Chocolate Macadamia Nut Bark
This bark from Katie's Cucina is good for you because of antioxidants, right? Either way, we'll let you eat as much as you want. http://www.katiescucina.com/2013/12/dark-chocolate-macadamia-nut-bark/

6. Almond Joy Bars

Sometimes you feel like a nut! These candies are even better than the store-bought version.

7. Mint Oreo Truffles

Mint Oreo Truffles
Mint and chocolate combine for one superpowered treat from Bluebonnets & Brownies. http://www.bluebonnetsandbrownies.com/2012/08/30/mint-oreo-truffles/

8. Brown Sugar Fudge

Brown Sugar Fudge
Who says fudge must be chocolate? We love this brown sugar version from Eat Your Heart Out. http://eat-your-heart-out.net/2013/12/12/brown-sugar-fudge/

9. Peanut Butter Buckeyes

Peanut Butter Buckeyes
Like those famous peanut butter eggs, but with even MORE peanut butter! We're down with that! http://www.nutmegnanny.com/2010/12/21/buckeyes-an-ohio-favorite/

10. Coconut Truffles

Coconut is an Easter staple, so don't forget to put together a batch of these beauties!

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