Wholemeal Vegetable Steamed Buns

Huang Kitchen by Angie Liew


This is a healthy version of chinese steamed buns. It's soft, chewy and nutritious too with added wholemeal flour and toasted sesame seeds.


  • 400gramPau flourany low protein flour (cake flour)
  • 100gramwholemeal flour
  • 1tbspinstant yeast
  • 1/2tsp salt
  • 100gramsugar
  • 3tbspshortening
  • 250gramwater
  • 2tbspwhite sesame seedstoasted
  • 1tbspBlack Sesame Seedstoasted


  1. Start by cooking the yam bean filling for these steamed buns. To make the wholemeal buns, prepare all the ingredients needed to make the...
  2. Get the full instructions at Huang Kitchen by Angie Liew
Wholemeal Vegetable Steamed Buns

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Angie Liew
Recipe Yields:
22 buns
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