Teochew Style Fried Noodles II ( Teochew Mee Teow )

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Teochew Mee Teow is also known to the Chinese as longevity noodles. It’s a symbol of long life. It’s a Teochew noodle I have come to know since I was a little girl. My grandma and my mum love this noodle very much and they cook it without fail everytime a member in the family celebrates his or her birthday. My mother in-law who is a Teochew also loved this noodles so much that I got to see her cooking it very often. It has become a tradition in the family to cook this noodles every time there s a celebration or special occasions of any kind. Everyone in our family just love this noodles and there is always not much left once it’s out from the wok! This Mee Teow recipe is unlike others as there are only 4 ingredients needed..namely garlic, bean sprouts, chinese chives and pork lard.


  • 600gTeochew Mee Teowor 2 packets, loosen and cut to shorten the strands
  • 10clovegarlicabout 1 bowl, minced
  • 350gbean sproutsor taugeh
  • 150gChinese chivesor kuchai, cut into short strips about 1 inch in length
  • 150gPork lard


  1. Blanch Mee Teow in boiling water in a wok until 80% cooked. Place in a colander and rinse under running water. Drain well. Briefly wash...
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Teochew Style Fried Noodles II ( Teochew Mee Teow )

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