Sous Vide Creme Brulee

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Sous vide brings a simple and guaranteed perfect twist on a fussy recipe. Save those egg whites for low-cal omelets the next day, or a meringue to use on your next dessert - something REALLY fancy like a baked Alaska, or lemon meringue pie.


  • 160 g egg yolks ( — 160 g ≈ yolks from 9 jumbo or 11 large eggs)
  • 90 g granulated sugar
  • 3 g salt
  • 600 g heavy cream
  • 2 tsp vanilla exctract
  • 5 8oz (1/2 pint) widemouth canning jars ( — use only freezer safe jars. Others may crack while flaming the sugar.)


  1. Gather your sous vide setup, and test water volume needed with 5 jars in place. ≈ 9.5 quarts for Rubbermaid 12q container Whisk all...
  2. Get the full instructions at Killer Noms Wild Game Recipes and Techniques
Sous Vide Creme Brulee

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Steve Jones
Recipe Yields:
5 servings