Old Cucumber Soup

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To the Chinese, foods have ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ properties. Yin foods have ‘cooling’ properties while yang foods have ‘hearty’ properties. On the other hand some foods are ‘neutral’. Since the old days, the Chinese strongly believed that DIET plays an important role in achieving a balanced ying / yang for an individual. In Malaysia where it is always warm and humid, consuming ‘cooling’ food to counter the ‘heat’ — such as old cucumber soup ….. is definitely a MUST. It is also believed that this soup is also good for the skin and helps prevent aging. It is high in dietary fibre, calcium, iron and rich in vitamin A, B6 and C. With such wonderful properties about the soup, it’s no wonder this soup is most common and popular in Asian countries especially Singapore and Malaysia. Almost every Chinese family knows how to prepare this soup dish.


  • 1Chinese old cucumbersmall to medium sized
  • 1.3litreswater
  • 10Red dates
  • 6Dried scallops
  • 200gpork ribsor Chicken Whole Legs
  • 1dried cuttlefish
  • 1sweet corncut to small pieces
  • 1Carrotmedium sized, peeled and cut
  • saltto taste


  1. Scrub the skin of old cucumber, clean and cut it in half, lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds using a spoon. Cut into smaller pieces. In a...
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Old Cucumber Soup

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