Easy Banana Fritters

Huang Kitchen by Angie Liew


Banana fritters is an old traditional Malay delicacy and a popular Malaysian snack. It is also called "Jemput-jemput pisang" or otherwise known as "cekodok pisang".


  • 300gramripe bananasmashed
  • 65gramrice floursifted
  • 35gramall-purpose floursifted
  • 1/4tspsalt
  • 1/4tspbaking soda
  • 1/2cupwhite sesame seedstoasted
  • 1tbspbrown sugar


  1. Prepare all the ingredients needed for this dish. Using a fork, mash the ripe bananas until it resembles one big chunk. After the bananas...
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Easy Banana Fritters

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Angie Liew
Recipe Yields:
15 pieces
Prep Time:
Cook Time: