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Roxana Yawgel

Hi there! I'm Roxana, wife to a wonderful husband and mom to the most spoiled girl, wanna be baker and photographer. I started Roxana's Home Baking in 2011 to get rid of the pile of hand-written notes throughout the kitchen. Baking not only brings me joy, but completes me as well. Roxana's Home Baking is focused on baking everything from scratch. Home baking may be as simple as a muffin recipe or something more laborious like a yeast bread or a layer cake. Most of the recipes found on my blog rely on simple techniques everyone can master with a little bit of patience. I'm a true believer at the end of the day, a piece of chocolate is a must. Actually, I take this belief so seriously I eat several pieces throughout the day, may it be in the form of a chocolate bar, candy, cookies, cake or brownies (my favorite). Life's all about simple joys. I don't have to travel far to be happy. I have everything I need under the same roof: my husband, our daughter and endless pounds of chocolate.
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Chocolate Strawberry Tart: Indulgent Date Night Dessert

This chocolate strawberry tart is perfect for a romantic dinner for two. Chocolate crust filled with rich, creamy chocolate ganache and mixed with strawberry preserve, and indulgently topped with dipped strawberries.

Very Berry Cheesecake Bars: Oreo Heaven

These cheesecake bars are full of berry oreos, regular oreos, and strawberry jam too. Roxana had us at <i>hello</i>!

Chocolate Cherry Cake: A Classic Flavor Combo

Moist Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake uses the best of Summer's cherries in a classic combination. Great for a summer potluck!