The Family Calendar Cookbook

The family calendar cookbook
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Holidays. School events. Fun gatherings with the neighbors. This is the stuff of family life, and there’s always a need for a perfect recipe, through all four seasons of the year. The Family Calendar Cookbook is organized by your family’s timetable, featuring no-fuss recipes for every occasion (no matter how big or small).

Whether you’re serving snacks for your daughter’s slumber party, or throwing a Winter Chili Night for friends, or providing allergy-sensitive treats to take to your son’s classroom—author Kelsey Banfield has crafted the most reliable, most delicious recipe for everything that crops up.

She also provides fun crafting ideas to do with the kids, including homemade holiday treats that are sure to be a hit. The Family Calendar Cookbook will be your new kitchen playbook, sure to be used all year long!

The Family Calendar Cookbook Recipes

Baked Rosemary Chicken with Apples is a tried and true recipe that'll become part of your rotation. Simple and comforting.
Cold Brewed Iced Tea comes from The Family Calendar Cookbook. An awesome recipe, and amazing new book!
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