Super Easy Cookbook for Beginners

Super easy cookbook for beginners
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The Super Easy Cookbook for Beginners offers a hands-on approach to learning how to cook with essential techniques and easy, 5-ingredient recipes.
The best way to learn how to cook is to actually start cooking. When you’re ready to set foot in the kitchen, the Super Easy Cookbook for Beginners offers the easiest, 5-ingredient recipes to teach you how to cook―while cooking!
Beyond basic cooking skills, this beginner’s cookbook gets you started by serving up simple, home-style recipes that require only 5 main ingredients or less. Alongside step-by-step guidance for kitchen techniques―plus useful tips like how to hold a knife―the Super Easy Cookbook for Beginners is the easiest recipe to make anyone a good cook.
From preparing ingredients to roasting a chicken, the Super Easy Cookbook for Beginners sets you up for success in the kitchen with:
  • 120 easy, 5-ingredient recipes that use commonly found ingredients for hassle-free cooking
  • Cooking skills that range from safety practices to storage rules, and explain key terms so that you know the difference between braising and caramelizing your food
  • Kitchen tips that outline essential appliances along with staple pantry products to keep on hand

Super Easy Cookbook for Beginners Recipes

Creamy Pesto Gnocchi Recipe

These creamy pillows of deliciousness cook in 20 minutes and make a great week night dinner. This is just one of the 120 easy recipes in Super Easy Cookbook for Beginners. Even if you’re not a beginner cook, you’ll want this cookbook so meals are easy and relaxing to make!
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