Rice Planet Sprouted Brown Rice

Rice planet sprouted brown rice
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Rice Planet Sprouted Brown Rice Review

Planet Rice has been making sprouted rice since 1934. This family owned company makes one amazing side dish!
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Product Description

Change your rice routine with Planet Rice Sprouted Brown Rice. Grown in California, Planet Rice has been family owned and operated since 1924.

This whole grain rice is all natural and gluten free. Sprouted rice is known for cooking up faster and being gentler on your stomach, making more nutrients from the rice available to your body. Sprouting rice also makes the texture less chewy, which will win over anyone who is hesitant about traditional brown rice. The mildly nutty taste will make this rice a favorite for the entire family.

Containing 10x more GABA, a naturally occurring amino acid, than white rice, Planet Rice Sprouted Brown Rice is a great addition to your meal plan. Sold in a 22-ounce bag, enough for 14 servings.

Rice Planet Sprouted Brown Rice Recipes

Lentils and Rice make for an easy, quick, and totally vegan dinner. You'll love this filling dish!
Rice, Side Dishes
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