KitchenIQ Smart Sharp Electric Knife Sharpener

Kitcheniq smart sharp electric knife sharpener
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The KitchenIQ Smart Sharp Electric Knife Sharpener provides the correct sharpening angle to match that created originally by the knife manufacturer. There's no need to drag your knives out to a store for sharpening anymore!
It sharpens both sides of the knife at the same time without damaging the knife blade. Diamond interlocking wheels quickly sharpen a very dull or damaged knife, while ceramic overlapping wheels remove a minimal amount of metal.
This sharpener is versatile, it'll sharpen virtually every knife in the knife block to the original factory quality edge!

KitchenIQ Smart Sharp Electric Knife Sharpener Recipes

Queso blanco is the sort of dip that makes everyone happy. Serve it up with fresh tortilla chips, pita chips, and fresh veggies too.
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