Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Dash mini waffle maker
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Perfect for making your favorite breakfast waffles, toasting the crispiest hash browns or making so-called chaffles with cheese and eggs, the versailty of the Dash mini waffle maker pales only in comparision to its versatility. 

Measuring 4" across the nonstick cooking surface, this mini yet mighty waffle maker is perfect for families, apartment dwellers, small kitchens, tiny houses, college dorms or for taking in the RV on the road.

The compact size makes storage simple - then just plug it in and go! Virutally any better will "waffle" into an ideal portion for one person. It heats up quickly in just a few minutes and clean up is a breeze.

Backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty, the best selling Dash Mini Waffle Maker comes along with a handy recipe guide to inspire hours of fun in the kitchen.

Overall dimensions LxWxH: 6.4 x 5 x 2.8 inches

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