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Ball mason jar regular mouth
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Ball Mason Jars - Half Pint Review

Ball Mason Jars have been around since 1880. 133 years of quality can't be wrong.
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Product Description

When you you think of mason jars, you think of Ball Mason Jars for a reason. Ball is the iconic maker of these jars that are perfect for canning or storing your storing your foods for months at a time.

This pack of 12 Ball Mason Jars feature the standard regular mouth and is available in three sizes:

  1. Half-Pint - 8 ounces of storage
  2. Pint - 16 ounce capacity
  3. Quarter - 32 ounces volume

When you store your food in a Ball mason jar, it will be good for refrigeration for 3 weeks or up to a year in the freezer. This kid includes the bands and lids for each of the 12 Ball jars.

Ball Mason Jars - Half Pint Recipes

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