What to Serve with Chicken Pot Pie: Our Best Pairings

Nicole Austin

Ready to choose sides, toppings, and desserts to serve with chicken pot pie?

Knowing what to serve with chicken pot pie can sometimes be hard.

Don’t get me wrong — I love chicken pot pie. It’s surprisingly simple to make, can be reheated at any time, and it’s filled with everything you need to justify serving it as a complete meal. In that sense, do you even need to serve something with it?

Not to mention it’s creamy, wholesome, and filling — one of those true comfort foods that almost all of us have tried, if not grown up with.

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My oldest son does not share my sentiments, though.

I’ll never forget when my youngest son chose chicken pot pie for his birthday dinner.

In our home, you choose what the family has for dinner for that special day every year. You can choose because it’s your favorite or because you are drunk with power.

My youngest son chose the latter, squandering his privilege for another 365 days and subjecting his brother to a forced chicken pot pie dinner. Of course, he was not required to eat it, but the point remained.

Sometimes I find myself grateful for being an only child, and this was certainly one of them.

But as a mother to a kid who will say no thank you to this classic comfort food, I’m happy to share my favorite sides to serve with chicken pot pie that will supplement (or in my son’s case, replace) this flavorful comfort dish.

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What Do You Serve for Accompaniments to Chicken Pot Pie?

Chicken pot pie is one of those standalone meals that tastes so good that you may never have considered what else you could bring to the table.

I admit that I like to serve sides with chicken pot pie because it extends the main dish so much.

I can get away with smaller servings of chicken pot pie, which means I have fewer pies to make at once when I serve sides.

And, as stated above, it gives my oldest something he likes to eat.

Chicken pot pie is relatively healthy, containing high levels of vitamin A, vitamin C, and B6. Because it is so filling and nutrient-rich, you have much more freedom with sides.

We will even explore toppings, because if you’re simply looking for a new flavor to mix up this classic, we’ve got your back there, too!

How to Reheat a Chicken Pot Pie

How To Serve Chicken Pot Pie with Toppings

Next time you're enjoying the rich flavors of a golden brown, easy chicken pot pie, consider painting it with a perfect accompaniment like:

  • Seasoning. My favorite salty seasoning is the perfect addition to chicken pot pie.
  • Caramelized onions. Top your pot pie with caramelized onions for a more sophisticated flavor that works perfectly with the other ingredients.
  • Biscuits. Instead of a top crust, you may choose to layer your pot pie with some freshly made, fluffy buttermilk biscuits. If you’ve already modified your flaky crust to be gluten-free, you can even add gluten-free biscuits that boast more flavor, like our cheddar bay biscuits.
  • Cheese. On that note, shredded cheese is another great option to add to your homemade chicken pot pie. Sprinkle some on toward the end of your bake time to create a crispy, crunchy pie crust topping.
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Serve Chicken Pot Pie with Filling Starches

Starches go naturally with your homemade pot pie. Here are some top choices:

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Serve Chicken Pot Pie with Vegetables

Vegetables make some of the most delicious side dishes and are an opportunity for your taste buds to experience a little variety. 

  • Asparagus. Asparagus pairs well with chicken, as seen in our lemon chicken asparagus sheet pan dinner recipe. Opt for the freshest asparagus by seeking stalks that are rich in a bright green color that softly fades to white at the base. If the stalks appear limp or wilted, avoid.
  • Corn. Corn on the cob is an easy and delicious side for chicken pot pie because it compliments the vegetables already in the dish. It’s simple to prepare and usually very inexpensive when in season.
  • Green beans. You can use various methods to easily prepare fresh green beans as a side to chicken pot pie! Green beans, like corn, perfectly match the vegetables already in the pot pie, and are an added source of nutrients and fiber.
  • Onion rings. Onion rings are a great side because, like a caramelized onion topping, they bring out the pot pie flavors without taking anything away. You can even make them gluten-free! Choose these instead of a bread or potato side.
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  • Broccoli and carrots. Roasted broccoli and carrots are another healthy option that add a lot of flavor and nutrients to your plate!
  • Garden salad. A garden salad is the classic side dish that goes with just about anything. Make your own fresh salad dressing at home and customize your dish to suit your preferences! Cherry tomatoes are a great addition to basically any green salad, and you could also experiment with feta cheese or goat cheese on top. 
  • Squash. You can keep it on the sweeter side with a dish of vanilla-roasted butternut squash with pecans as a side that contrasts the rich, buttery flavor of your chicken pot pie, or you can lean into the heavy, comfort food feeling by breading and frying yellow squash. You can grill squash, too. Yum!
  • Brussels sprouts.  This seemingly simple side dish works wonderfully with a classic chicken pot pie and its buttery crust. It's one of our favorite fresh vegetables and the best side dishes around because Brussels sprouts can be roasted in the oven along with your pie. To take it up a notch, consider adding pancetta to Brussels sprouts.
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Serve Chicken Pot Pie with Fruit

Fruit is a great way to balance out a hearty dish like traditional pot pie — with simple ingredients!

  • Fruit-based appetizers. Add our fancy peaches or apples to your plate for a savory-sweet addition. You can also serve your fruit dessert as a side — we recommend these succulent grilled plums with spiced mascarpone for pretty much anyone looking to add a little joy to their lives.
  • Cranberry sauce. Lean into that autumn/winter vibe by pairing your dish with fresh, homemade cranberry sauce. It’s not just for Thanksgiving, and you can’t deny it goes great with the poultry and gravy in your pot pie!
  • Fruit-based salads. Not your traditional “fruit salad,” this spinach fruit salad recipe has it all — veggies that don’t overpower, sweet berries, tart strawberries, refreshing pineapple. Pair it with chicken pot pie for that well-matched contrast you’re looking for.
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Serve Chicken Pot Pie with Dessert

Because we all want something sweet once in a while! (at least)

  • Apple crisp. Apples are a clear winner next to chicken pot pie. After all, apples are most abundantly available during the fall and winter and are often associated with delicious desserts that are popular in those seasons. Chicken pot pie leans “winter,” so these are the perfect match! Try our easy apple crisp and top with caramel as an added bonus. You can also include cranberries as in our cranberry apple crisp.
  • Peach crisp. Similar to peach cobbler, peach crisp has the basic sweet, delicious flavor of peach and that down-home feel of summer (which you may be craving in those colder months!).
  • Strawberries and… Simply put, strawberries' tart but sweet flavor will be an excellent contrast to the more neutral, creamy chicken pot pie. Try strawberries in a cream puff pastry, a tres leches cupcake, or drizzled over a fluffy angel food cake
  • Vanilla ice cream. Keep it classic with homemade vanilla ice cream. Vanilla ice cream is an understated, classic dessert that is perfect as-is or can be modified to taste a thousand different ways. It also tastes great on top of our crisp recipes above! Heat a serving of crisp just before serving and top with our rich, melt-in-your-mouth vanilla ice cream.
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Now you have more than enough ideas for the best sides, toppings, and desserts to pair with your favorite chicken pot pie, whether you're celebrating special occasions or just enjoying a Sunday dinner with this family favorite.

Nicole is a self-published author of fiction novels, and a lover of food and spending time in the kitchen with her six children. She lives in coastal Maine where she loves exploring new recipes especially those that can save time, money and wow a crowd.

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