The 5 Best Cordless Blenders According to Amazon Reviews

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Looking for the perfect cordless blender for making smoothies, protein shakes or soups? Check out these finds!

The biggest news to hit my small Michigan town last year was Tropical Smoothie opening next door to Arby’s. I’m not even joking. This was big news!

I must admit, I was also excited by this announcement. I had made my own smoothies, but to date had never had one professionally made by 16 year-old kids with zero adult supervision so I was game to try one out.

Being a frugal Midwesterner, the thought of paying $7 for a smoothie was frightening. I tried it anyway. I have nothing bad to say about Tropical Smoothie, but I knew I could save money making my own at home.

Grapefruit Smoothie with Chia Photo

Our blender was not a space saving type. It’s old, heavy, and awkward - much like myself. After researching for something a tad bit smaller and more streamlined, I found that cordless blenders are now a thing.

This was perfect, especially since we travel frequently. In the spring and summer, we often find ourselves on day trips visiting parks we’ve never been to.

We pack a small cooler with ice, have everyone fill zip-lock bags with the fruit of their choice, and throw in a bottle of juice. I easily save 40 bucks by not buying all six of us a smoothie.

Of course, there are many different things you can blend up with your cordless blender besides smoothies including protein shakes, milkshakes, baby formula, smoothie bowls, soups and powdered drinks.

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The Best Cordless Blenders According to Amazon

When I fell down the cordless blender rabbit hole, it soon became apparent just how many different kinds of blenders there really are on the market - it's a lot!

I rounded up five of the very best cordless blenders according to Amazon using absolutely no precise science and just some good ol' fashioned sleuthing.

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PopBabies Personal Blender Photo

PopBabies Portable Blender

First up is this amazing little gadget - the TikTok famous PopBabies Portable Blender. This thing has it all. The cup detaches from the blender and doubles as your drinking vessel for total ease on the go or at the office.

It may be small, but the motor is surprisingly powerful, grinding ice cubes and frozen fruit with ease. Everything besides the base is dishwasher safe and can be recharged with the included USB cable.

This blender is great for whipping up shakes, smoothies and baby food on the fly. The box contains a funnel, ice tray, and a few recipes to get you started.

nutribullet GO Cordless Blender Photo

NutriBullet GO Cordless Blender

You’ve probably heard of NutriBullet before - they’ve been in the blending game for quite a while now with a solid reputation for doing a great job.

Whether you’re looking to mix up your protein shake in the morning or blending baby food or formula, the NutriBullet GO cordless blender is up to the task with plenty of colors to match your style.

Reviewers note its portability and sleek design, citing that it’s great for taking to the gym. It includes a charging cable, recipes, lid for the cup, and a cover for the blades when it’s not in use.

Everything except the base is dishwasher safe, which is a huge win for busy on the go parents and working professionals. Give this one a look!

Cuisinart SmartStick Hand Blender Photo

Cuisinart Cordless and Rechargeable SmartStick Hand Blender

My immersion blender is my absolute favorite kitchen gadget. It makes life so much simpler and saves you precious time that could be spent learning to yodel.

Whether you need to puree a sauce or our famous brown Windsor soup recipe, or whisk up some homemade whipped cream, the powerful Cuisinart SmartStick hand blender has your back.

Portability may not be an issue with a stick blender, but when you’re busy cooking a big meal, not having to locate an outlet is very convenient and safer without a cord to worry about.

Reviews on this particular Cuisinart model are solid, with very few complaints. Buyers liked the all-stainless-steel construction and it being more powerful than their corded counterparts.

Bean Envy Handheld Milk Frother Photo

Bean Envy Milk Frother

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my second favorite kitchen gadget of all time. Actually, it may just be my #1 favorite since I use it every single day.

You won’t be making smoothies with the Bean Envy milk frother, but you will definitely get the frothiest coffee like you get from your favorite coffee shop.

Simply pour some milk or creamer into a cup no more than halfway. If you use sugar, add that to your milk and microwave. Blend it with your frother until foam appears and then slowly pour it into your cup.

This product from Bean Envy is also good for mixing in protein powders for quick shakes and even your kid’s hot chocolate!

Regenerate Personal Bullet Blender Photo

Regenerate Cordless Blender

If you find that personal blenders aren’t big enough for you, check out this product, the Regenerate cordless blender. It’s portable, powerful, and cord-free!

With over twice as much room for ingredients as most personal blenders on the market, you’ll be able to whip up more drinks at once with this cordless wonder.

This is especially nice when sitting on the patio drinking margaritas!

Again, everything except for the base is dishwasher safe and it stores in a nice and neat manner with the mixing bowl fitting upside down over the base.

Grapefruit Smoothie with Chia Image

No matter your needs, there is a style of blender that will fit your style and cost. My suggestion would be to start with an immersion blender. It seriously saves us so much time and hassle. My yodeling skills are proof!

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