11 St. Patrick’s Day Treats Sweet Enough To Lure a Leprechaun

Cyd Converse

Looking for a few St. Patrick's day treats to trap yourself a leprechaun? These festive sweets should do the trick nicely.

At this very moment my dining room table is currently covered in a spray of gold glitter leftover from the construction of my daughter's annual leprechaun trap. 

As usual, this year she enlisted her big brother's help and they carefully cut squares of golden paper that they glued liberally to cover a discarded shoebox.

Out came the ribbons and the glitter and now we just have to fill the trap with the appropriate leprechaun bait. Gold works! Sweets and treats are even better.

If you, too, are looking forward to a St. Patrick's Day full of cheer and a bit of leprechaun mischief, don't miss out on these St. Patrick's day treats.

We've rounded up 11 of the very best sweets and treats to help lend you a bit of luck in your leprchaun hunt. No human, tiny and green or otherwise, can resist.

If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen Shamrock Cookies Photo

When looking to pull together this little collection of leprechaun fare, I wanted to lean into everything shamrocks, rainbows and Lucky Charm and I didn't fail.

Keep your eyes peeled for one special sweet treat that is colorful, festive and decidedly just for the grown up leprechauns in your life. It's so fun!

Enjoy these festive sweets alongside a helping of our beloved corned beef or any of our other favorite St. Patrick's Day recipes!

If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen Shamrock Cookies Picture

Shamrock Cookies by If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen

These festive St. Patrick’s Day cookies are cut-out sugar cookies in the shape of shamrocks. They are dipped in chocolate and garnished with green sprinkles!

I love how easy it is to make celebration-worthy cut-out cookies like these with kiddos especially since they tend to be especially good at sprinkling sprinkles. Get the recipe from If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen

Tasty Treats and Eats Rainbow Cupcakes Photo

Tie Dye Rainbow Cupcakes by Tasty Treats & Eats

Learn how to make the best rainbow cupcakes from Tasty Treats & Eats in no time! Beyond St. Patricks Day, celebrate any occasion with these fun cupcakes.

They are colorful, fun, a touch whimsical and surprisingly simple to make. You'll easily lure all the leprechauns to your little one's trap with these.

Get the recipe from Tasty Treats & Eats

Chelsea's Messy Apron Leprechaun Bait Photo

Leprechaun Bait by Chelsea's Messy Apron

Honestly, if we're talking about treats for St. Patrick's Day, it gets no easier than this cereal mix leprechaun bait. This quick, no-bake recipe is a huge hit!

This sweet, addictive snack mix is loaded with Lucky Charms, Chex cereal, pretzels, and chocolate candies, all tossed in melted white chocolate. 

Get the recipe from Chelsea's Messy Apron

Joy Food Sunshine Rainbow Fruit Pizza Photo

Rainbow Fruit Pizza by Joy Food Sunshine

This rainbow fruit pizza is a beautiful dessert that is perfect for celebration St. Patrick's Day and luring all the leprechauns to your best laid trap.

In this recipe, cream cheese frosting is spread over a sugar cookie crust and piled high with fruits in every color of the rainbow! The kids will love it.

Get the recipe from Joy Food Sunshine

The Sweetest Occasion St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Bark Photo

Lucky Charm Bark by The Sweetest Occasion

I absolutely love making this Lucky Charm bark for St. Patrick's Day and it's remarkably easy to make! (In fact, chocolate bark is my favorite thing to make for holiday celebrations all year long because it is so easy to customize.)

Melted chocolate is covered in huge heaps of marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal along with the sprinkles and candies of your choice. It's a cinch to make!

Get the recipe from The Sweetest Occasion

Good Life Eats Rainbow Cookies Photo

Rainbow Cookies by Good Life Eats

Need a dose of good luck this St. Patrick's Day? Bake these festive rainbow cookies - after all legend has it there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

The little leprechauns in your life will love the colorful sugar cookie dough and fun rainbow pattern. These cookies are also perfect to make for birthday parties.

Get the recipe from Good Life Eats

Soulfully Made Lucky Charms Treats Photo

Lucky Charms Treats by Soulfully Made

These Lucky Charms treats are a sweet snack perfect for celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Made with the iconic Lucky Charms cereal and marshmallows, these treats are magically delicious and sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

These treats are a fun, festive way to add a touch of whimsy to your dessert table or to pack in a school lunch as a special treat for a lucky lass or lad.

Get the recipe from Soulfully Made

The Quicker Kitchen Mint Chocolate Puppy Chow Photo

Mint Chocolate Muddy Buddies by The Quicker Kitchen

This recipe for mint chocolate Muddy Buddies makes an easy, but indulgent snack mix that taste like your favorite Girl Scout cookie. What's not to love?!

This gorgeously green puppy chow, another version of so-called Leprechaun Bait, makes the perfect St Paddy’s Day snack for both kids and adults alike. 

Get the recipe from The Quicker Kitchen

Dessert for Two Rainbow Cookies Photo

Rainbow Cookes by Dessert for Two

These rainbow cookies feature a festive rainbow swirl buttercream frosting. The result? Cookies special enough to impress leprechauns of every age.

Don't be intimidated by the rainbow buttercream frosting! It's surprisingly simple to make - I promise. Your kiddos will love these festive sugar cookies.

Get the recipe from Dessert for Two

Practically Homemade Leprechaun Bark

Leprechaun Bark from Practically Homemade

Chocolate bark is delicious and awesome because you can customize it easily in so many ways for just about any occasion or holiday celebration.

This white chocolate version is topped with all things St. Patrick's Day - rainbow candies, clover marshmallows and gold sprinkles create the ultimate Leprechaun bark.

Get the recipe from Practically Homemade

Just is a Four Letter Word Leprechaun Gnome Cookie Cups Photo

Leprechaun Gnome Cookie Cups by Just is a Four Letter Word

Trust me when I say that you will absolutely fall in love with these adorable little Leprechaun gnome cookie cups! Kids of all ages truly love these sweet treats.

Strawberries are dunked in melted white chocolate tinted green and then tucked into sweet sugar cookie cups. The leprechauns can't resist.

Get the recipe from Just is a Four Letter Word

The Littlest Crumb Rainbow Shots Photo

Rainbow Shots by The Littlest Crumb

Last but certainly not least, a special St. Patrick's treat just for the grown-up leprechauns - rainbow shots! These are great for St. Patrick's Day parties.

These brightly colored rainbow shots are super easy to make with only three ingredients - grenadine, orange juice and blue curaçao. Cheers!

Get the recipe from The Littlest Crumb

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