Espresso M&M's Are Coming for the Holidays and We Can’t Wait

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Put them on your grocery list or your Christmas wish list or any other list you can think of - Espresso M&M's are on the way!

Just in the time for the holiday season, it's reported that a new seasonal M&M's flavor is on the way - Espresso M&M's are said to be available soon!

A couple years ago, M&M's came out with a Coffee Nut flavor, and I was absolutely obsessed. Meaning, yes, I picked up a bag every chance I could.

Then, like a teenager you asked to do chores, they were gone. Like many others, I was totally bummed out to lose those perfect coffee and chocolate M&M's.

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What Are Espresso M&M’s?

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one upset by the loss of Coffee Nut M&M's because shortly after they disappeared from store shelves, folks started a petition to convince the company to bring back this fan favorite.

M&M's, having turned 81 just this week, listened to the people and will reportedly be adding Espresso M&M's to their winter lineup as a seasonal flavor.

The new espresso flavored M&M's will be slightly different than the previous Coffee Nut edition, and will likely be a limited edition M&M's flavor.

The former coffee-flavored M&M's were a variety of Peanuts M&M's with a peanut in the center, giving it a solid crunch. (Did I mention they were delicious?)

Espresso M&M’s aren't based on Peanut M&M's so there will be no peanut center. Each bag will reportedly contain a mix of dark and milk chocolate M&M's with an espresso-flavored center.

Do Espresso M&M’s Have Caffeine?

Showcasing the festive new packaing featuring Ms. Brown M&M donning a Santa hat and a cup of coffee, Instagram account Candy Hunting broke the news of the upcoming Espresso M&M's.

With more than 8500 likes and counting to date, the hype for the reported new flavor is off the charts. Among the comments? Questions about whether the new Espresso M&M's have caffeine.

At this point, there's no official word on if the new, highly anticipated seasonal flavor will contain caffeine, but we'll update here when we know more!

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When Can You Buy Espresso M&M’s?

Here's the funny thing about the buzz around the new holiday M&M's - there's no official word yet from M&M's regarding the new flavor or a release date.

Again, given the look at the packaging with Ms. Brown M&M in her holiday finest, it's safe to assume they'll be available before the holiday season.

Whenever Espresso M&M's do hit stores, I’m hoarding as many bags as my wife will allow and I suggest you do the same lest they take them from us again.

Espresso M&M’s Recipe Ideas

When you finally get your taste buds on the new Espresso M&M's, use them in our beloved frosted M&M's brownies recipe - you can't go wrong!

Try them in our giant M&M's cookies recipe and then dunk them into a hot cup of joe or our easy slow cooker hot chocolate with extra whipped cream!

Of course, you should also make our monster cookie dough dip, monster cookies recipe and monster cookie bars with Espresso M&M's.

However you enjoy them, Espresso M&M's are sure to be a hit with lovers of a coffee and chocolate flavor combination.

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