I’m a Foodie and You Need These 7 Top Rated Kitchen Gadgets

Ryan Nadolny

If you're a cooking enthusiast, you need to check out some of our favorite top rated kitchen gadgets!

Everyone has a few good kitchen gadgets in their kitchen that they can’t live without...but any foodie knows you can never have enough kitchen gadgets!

Ok, strictly speaking there may be a limit to the space and utility of gadgets and gizmos, but that's where this abbreviated list of favorites comes into play.

These top rated kitchen gadgets are true time savers, the kind that will help take your time spent cooking from tired chore to joyful hobby.

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The Best Top Rated Kitchen Gadgets

When I refer to the best kitchen gadgets, no, I’m not talking about that banana slicer from the grocery store checkout lane!

But honestly, if you own a banana slicer, I would need to know - what you do with all the time you saved by not using a butter knife?!

To keep this simple, I scoured Amazon and read a whole bunch of reviews on the top rated kitchen gadgets.

For my very unscientific research, I kept the criteria to a minimum. Each gadget had to at least 2000 ratings and be rated over 4.5 stars.

The result? These 7 top rated kitchen gadgets that any foodie would love having in their kitchen!

1. ThermoPro Digital Instant Read Thermometer

ThermoPro Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer

A thermometer is one of the most necessary kitchen gadgets in your arsenal. I get it, you can cook a perfect medium rare steak by touch, but that doesn’t negate the need for a good instant read thermometer.

We use a thermometer to make sure we don’t serve undercooked food, but what about overcooked? Meat is far too pricey to waste.

There are few things more irritating than slicing into a thick flank steak than finding you cooked it so dry even your dog won’t eat it.

I prefer to use one like this that has a longer probe for proper placement in the meat and a super accurate digital display for precise monitoring.

This instant read thermometer is top rated with over 20,000 reviews on Amazon alone! Who am I to argue with that kind of reputation?

Not having to stand guard over the food gives me more time to learn how to juggle or practice some sweet dance moves for embarrassing my kids in public.

2. Farberware Professional Hamburger Chopper

Farberware Professional Hamburger Chopper

How someone could rate this anything other than a full 5 stars is honestly beyond me. The simplicity of this neat little gadget is its best feature!

What looks more like some sort of medieval weapon is actually the greatest ground-meat-breaker-upper ever invented, perfect for making dishes like our one-pot cheeseburger skillet.

I can’t explain how it works, but this handy chopper/mixer works better than any wooden spoon out there.

It breaks up the meat with little effort, saving your wrists from carpal tunnel. Mixing up salads, fruit bowls, sauces and soups is also a breeze.

Live in a house of mashed potato enthusiasts? Yup! You guessed it. Mashing your favorite mashed potatoes has never been easier.

Is the hamburger chopper the kitchen gadget you never knew you needed but actually need? Yes, yes it is.

3. OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer - Green

Admittedly, when I first saw these doohickeys, I put them right up there with the banana slicer. (That is, I was completely skeptical.)

Was there really that many people out there that struggled to cut an avocado to warrant a designated avocado slicer tool?

Turns out, in nearly a 20-year span (from 1998 to 2017), there were over 50,000 injuries from cutting avocados. And that’s only the ones that were reported.

On average, 24 people are sent to the ER every day for ARI aka Avocado Related Incidents. (ARI is not a real thing, I just made that up.)

Even if you find it easy to cut an avocado, this tool makes it so much easier. One tool cuts, removes the pit, and scoops. Easy-peasy-avocado-peely!

This avocado slicer is especially handy if you're planning to make lots and lots of your favorite guacamole!

Did I mention there are more than 31,000 reviews on Amazon?! If that's not proof, what more are you looking for?

4.Bean Envy Milk Frother

Bean Envy Milk Frother

This gizmo may not save you any time, but a good milk frother is a must for all you coffee lovers. I’m absolutely obsessed with mine!

Coffee at home never tastes like the stuff you get from your local coffeehouse. For me it’s the thick foam layered on the top of your brew.

With this cordless wand, you just heat up a small amount of milk, stir until you reach your desire consistency, and pour over your morning Joe!

It's also ideal for making your favorite chai latte or blending up protein shakes or other powder-based drinks with none of the gross gritty texture.

My advice: make sure you turn it off before removing it from the mug, unless you want milk sprayed literally everywhere. Don’t ask me how I know this.

5. Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

This contraption is a serious time, headache and stress saver! Prep work becomes a breeze and cleanup is even easier with this veggie chopper.

With multiple styles of blades, you can chop, slice, and dice in a fraction of the time. And we all know we're trying to save time wherever we can!

In addition, it also comes with a vegetable spiralizer, so you can make pasta out of things that aren’t pasta! (Or even make this zoodle bake!)

Even better, everything collects nicely into a small bin. No muss, no fuss. (Plus this makes it super handy to store food if you're prepping ahead!)

If you are terrified to use a mandoline for fear of slicing your fingers, this chopper not only has a guard, but it also includes a glove for extra protection!

6. OXO Good Grips Herb and Kale Stripping Comb

OXO Good Grips Herb and Kale Stripping Comb

The OXO Good Grips Herb and Kale Stripping Comb is yet another brilliant kitchen gadget that will have you wondering how you lived so long without it.

Especially if you’ve ever tried picking off tiny thyme leaves in a rush! Honestly, sometimes I would rather not use thyme, which is a shame.

The herb stripper takes away those headaches and makes it ridiculously easy to pull herbs off the stem without any waste!

The different sized holes are also designed to quickly pull kale and other leafy greens off the hard, fibrous stem quickly and efficiently.

Is it hard to slice kale off the stem? No. Is it hard to pull herbs off the stem? Nope, sure isn't! Does this little gadget make it even easier? Sure does!

7. NutriChef Food Vacuum Sealer

NutriChef Vacuum Air Sealing System

If you plan to freeze a lot of food, or even just a little food, then you need a vacuum sealer. It's the only way to prep and freeze bulk food!

The NutriChef Food Vacuum Sealer is easy to use, takes up minimal space, and will save you boatloads of money.

I hate throwing away food. I feel like I ripped myself off at that point. This is probably why I’m still wearing my socks from high school.

The average American throws out 225 to 290 pounds of food, per person, every year. That’s like half a cow worth of beef!

In our house of 6 humans, that’s 1700 pounds a year. Over 3 whole cows worth of beef. At nearly 7 bucks a pound, I’m not throwing out anything!

Having an at-home vacuum sealer means you can purchase in bulk at a club store, buy extra when you see a good sale or visit a local butcher for large quantities of fresh, local meat without any worry about food going to waste.

It's also great for flash freezing veggies or herbs and your summer garden haul to have fresh vegetables and herbs all year long.

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