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Christine Albury

Need some non meat protein ideas? Here are 8 excellent sources of protein, all suitable for vegetarian diets and some for vegan diets too.

Did you know that there are many great sources of non meat protein, making it easy to meet your daily protein requirements without consuming any meat at all?

This is good news if you are trying to avoid meat in your diet, because protein is an important nutrient that is used in all sorts of ways by every cell in the human body. 

When considerering eliminating - or even cutting down on - meat in our diets, a lack of protein is often the first thing we think about. Making sure that you eat plenty of the following foods will ensure that you are still getting lots of protein into your diet... in the tastiest ways possible! 

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1. Seitan

Also known as wheat meat, seitan is made from wheat gluten and is a very rich source of protein. It's ideal for those who are new to vegetarian diets, as it looks like meat and has the texture of meat too! You can grill it, pan fry it or sautee it, so it's easy to use in place of meat in lots of different recipes.

2. Quinoa

Pronounced keen-wah, this nutritious superfood can be cooked and served as a side dish, just like rice. But there are many other ways you can use it, too, such as in this Roasted Butternut Squash Quinoa Salad or this amazing Quinoa Risotto.

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3. Eggs

Don't you just love eggs? They're cheap, easy to get hold of and they're just packed with protein. An egg is a great way to start the day - and all that protein makes eggs so filling that they stop you snacking throughout the morning - a great way to keep your weight under control.

Why not try these perfect Scrambled Eggs or this light and creamy California-Style Eggs Benedict recipe for tomorrow's breakfast?

4. Beans and legumes

Whilst black beans have the most protein, all types of beans and legumes - from pinto beans to chickpeas - are fantastic sources.

This Chickpea Vegetable Soup Recipe is a great dish to try, but if you're looking for something a little sweeter, don't miss these luscious Black Bean Brownies!

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5. Oats

It's not hard to create a protein-rich breakfast when you find out that oats contain around 6g of protein per half a cup. Overnight oats are incredibly convenient (not to mention creamy!) but Stovetop Oatmeal tastes amazing too! 

6. Nuts

With so many varieties of nuts to choose from, it's easy to find ones that you can enjoy often and that will help you reach your protein goals. Nut butters count, too, so if you're not keen on the texture of nuts, a smooth nut butter will do the job instead.

7. Lentils

These little legumes are one of the best sources of protein and so very versatile to cook with! They fit well with all kinds of recipes, leaving you satisfied and providing lots of nutrition in the process. Try these Lentil Burgers or this tasty Lentil Hummus - both unique and creative ways to prepare them!

Edamame Salad Photo

8. Soybeans

Rich in complete protein (containing all the amino acids the body needs), soybeans are used to produce edamame, tofu and tempeh. Edamame Salad makes a simple, healthy snack and tofu is the star ingredient in these Spicy Tofu Quesadillas.

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