Healthy Egg Breakast

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Need some healthy egg breakfast ideas? Here we take a look at why eggs are so good for you, and share a few of our favorite breakfast recipes!

Are you stumped for breakfast ideas and bored of toast and cereal?

Well we’ve got the answer!

Healthy and delicious, eggs are a versatile and filling breakfast option that allow you to get creative! 

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Why eggs make a great breakfast food

There are many advantages to eating eggs for breakfast. One of the most important is that eggs help keep you full for longer, especially compared to toast or cereal.

Eggs are a wonderful source of protein (a whopping 7 grams each!) which leaves you feeling satisfied until lunch time and less likely to reach for an unhealthy mid-morning snack! They also contain essential amino acids that assist in sustaining energy levels. 

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Not only does eating eggs for breakfast mean that you're less likely to snack, eggs also increase your metabolism, which helps with weight loss. And there are only around 78 calories in one large hard boiled egg - far less than in your slice of buttered toast! 

Eggs are packed full of essential nutrients such as choline which assists with brain development and helps increase your memory retention. You may notice you feel more alert in the mornings after eating eggs - you can thank the choline for that!

Eggs also include two antioxidants - lectin and zeaxanthin - that have been found to protect your eyes from damage caused by UV exposure and reduce risks of cataracts in older age. Packed with vitamin D, eggs are also great at maintaining healthy bones and immune function. 

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Best of all, eggs are cheap and are so versatile they can be incorporated into every meal and are great as a quick snack too! 

Quick and easy ideas for a healthy egg breakfast

You may be pressed for time in the morning and perhaps cooking eggs sounds like too much work.

Don't worry, we've got you covered! Here are three suggestions that take less than 5 minutes to prepare:

  1. Crack an egg into a microwave dish and whisk with a splash of milk, salt and pepper. Microwave on high for 60 seconds, and voila! Quick scrambled eggs that you can take on the go or eat before you leave. You can scramble them on the stove too, but this creates another dish to wash - not always ideal if you’re in a rush! 
  2. Heat oil in a frying pan and fry an egg to your preference. Serve with spinach, chopped tomatoes or any other accompaniments you like!
  3. Hard-boiled eggs can be prepared in advance, so boil up a few at a time for a quick grab and go breakfast! 
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If you’ve got a bit of extra time in the mornings, here are some creative and healthy egg breakfast recipes: 

- Scrambled eggs and avocado breakfast tacos - only five minutes prep time and 4 minutes for cooking! 

- Bacon and egg risotto - less calories than you’d think, just 292 per serving

- Southwestern breakfast burritos - a bit more time consuming, so perfect for a weekend breakfast!