How to Clean a Grill

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Wondering how to clean a grill? We’ve got the details to do it right!

Grilling is one of the best parts of summer. Heck, if you can grill all year round, even better.

Burgers, meats and vegetables just taste better on the grill. You can’t beat that smoky, charred flavor.

Plus, it’s fast and easy. And you don’t have to heat up your kitchen on a hot day.

It’s important to keep your grill in tip-top shape by cleaning it regularly. It’ll prolong the life of your grill, plus help cook your food evenly and in less time.

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How Often to Clean a Grill

You should clean the grates after each use of your grill. Deep-clean your grill once or twice a year.

If you grill just a few months a year, an annual deep cleaning should suffice. But if you grill all year, it’s better to deep clean it biannually.

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How to Clean a Grill After Each Use

After you’re done grilling, when the heat is off, but the appliance is still warm, use a grill brush to scrub off any remaining bits of food on the grates. Fold up paper towels and dampen them with cooking oil. Rub the grates with the oiled paper towels to help prevent food from sticking during the next use.

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How to Deep Clean a Grill

  1. Preheat the grill on high for 15 minutes.
  2. Turn off the heat. Dip a grill brush dipped in a pail of water and dish soap and use the brush to clean the grates. The water on the brush will create steam, which will make cleaning easier. The dish soap will help dissolve grease.
  3. When the grates are cool, wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove any residue.
  4. Remove the grates and set them aside. Remove the heat deflectors and scrub them with your grill brush dipped in water and dish soap. Dry them with a towel.
  5. For a gas grill, unscrew the burners and scrub them clean from side to side with a wire brush, dish soap and water. Don’t try to clean them along the length of the burner, or you’ll just push any debris into the holes. Cleaning out any particles blocking the burners will help your grill work better.
  6. Dip the burner valve into soapy water and use a hose to run water through the valve to rinse it well.
  7. Remove the propane tank from underneath the grill and place a bucket in that spot to catch any dirty water.
  8. While the grill is empty, use a wire brush to scrub the inside of the grill with warm, soapy water. Clean the underside of the lid as well.
  9. Rinse off the inside of the grill and the underside of the lid with a hose.
  10. Use a towel to dry the burners and re-install them.
  11. If your grill is ceramic, porcelain or painted steel, you can clean the outside of the grill with soapy water and a cloth. If you have a stainless-steel grill, use stainless steel cleaner and a microfiber cloth instead.
  12. Replace the propane tank and cover your grill to keep it clean between uses.
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Can You Use Oven Cleaner on a Grill?

You can use oven cleaner on the grates of your grill. Don’t use the cleaner on the outside of your grill, though, because it will damage the finish.

Spray the grates with oven cleaner and wait 20-30 minutes before wiping them clean with paper towels. Dip the grates in soapy water to wash them. Rinse and dry them.

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