Joy Bauer’s Morning Hacks for Breakfast Breakthroughs

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Joy Bauer helps you get through the morning rush with these breakfast hacks anyone can do. They’re lifesavers!

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Back to school and back to routine. It all seems so easy, doesn’t it? Those of us who have been knee-deep in the flurry of backpacks, homework, and lunchboxes know that what seems simple can all be thrown for a loop with surprise assignments or lost shoes.

Thankfully, there are ways to get through the week without sending the kids to school in galoshes while eating dry bagels. TODAY show nutrition and health expert Joy Bauer, MS, RDN, knows that we all need breakfast tricks — regardless of whether we have kids at home to worry about.

Joy knows a thing or two about eating better — she’s written 12 books on the subject ­— and we’re lucky enough to have her sharing her favorite morning tips!

1.     Keep a stable of go-to items in your pantry and refrigerator to provide nutritious, quick options. Low-fat Greek yogurt, eggs, nut butters, berries, bananas and grapes are all great on top of Van’s 8 Whole Grains waffles—super easy, kid-friendly and filling.

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2.     Think ahead. If you plan breakfast the night before, you’ll eliminate 50 percent of the stress during the morning rush. No one expects moms to whip up from-scratch waffles or pancakes on a chaotic weekday—keep it simple, decide what you’re serving the night before, and you can spend less than five minutes on a filling, wholesome, delicious breakfast in the a.m.

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3.     Presentation is important. Anything that says “fun” is appealing for younger kids. If you take a Van’s whole grain waffle and use good-for-you ingredients to create a happy face on top, you’ll have happy eaters. Kids can help with assembly—let them choose their toppings or match their waffle face to their mood. You can use blueberries for eyes and raspberries, cherries or a kiwi slice for a mouth. You’ll be smiling, too, as you watch how quickly they gobble it up!

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4. Make your morning meal a triple threat. Since parents tend to have full control over what their kids eat for breakfast, it’s important to make it count. The winning combination includes ample fiber and protein, while minimizing sugar. That helps stabilize blood sugar and provides fuel and sustenance to make it through the morning routine.

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5.     Plan “me” time.  Be strategic and sneak some breaks while parenting— whether that means a walk with a sleeping child in a stroller or timing kids’ screen time to coincide with your workout. Every mom knows that a little “me” time makes you a better parent!

Follow these tricks and you’ll be on your way to stress-less mornings!

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