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Making great products doesn't take rocket science. Just common sense. Today we celebrate our readers, and one of our favorite gadget makers in all the land as they turn 12 years old. Happy Birthday, Dreamfarm!

Food Fanatic is made up of a bunch of people who cook and bake, and generally spend a LOT of time in the kitchen. As a group, I like to think we know what we're talking about when it comes to kitchen gadgetry.

We get sent a lot of stuff for review. Some of it makes it onto the site. Some of it... doesn't.

Dreamfarm Reader Appreciation

Dreamfarm is a problem solving company that grows ideas into inventions. We LOVE that!

12 years ago, their founder, Alex, began selling Grindensteins at a local market in Australia. A few stalls over, a kitchen store owner took notice. Big notice, and began selling Grindensteins (still a Dreamfarm top product!) immediately.

Why do we Food Fanatics love Dreamfarm so much? Because of their mission statement:

Great design must solve a problem.

We've all had uni-taskers take up too much of our kitchen drawer space. Stuff that we bought because we loved how it looked (I'm looking at you, impractically long - and beautiful - French rolling pin that doesn't fit ANYWHERE), but maybe didn't come through in the function department.

Avocado Toast Bar Photo

I can personally attest to a multitude of Dreamfarm products. I use them in my kitchen every day - the Scizza, the Smood, and my favorite, the Vebo.

I could wax poetic about why I love the Vebo and use it constantly, but I'll keep it short and say JUST GET ONE!

Okay, okay - here's why I love it. It takes the place of a colander and steamer in one shot, and I love being able to drain potatoes for mash with just the tug of Vebo out of the water.

I am not a fan of the steam facial that comes with regular straining. Plus, it stores in my stockpot, which means it doesn't take up extra space in my kitchen. J'adore.

Since Dreamfarm is turning 12, we're having a birthday party. A big ol' preteen birthday party.

Alex, Phil and Cate, and the entire Dreamfarm team -

Thanks for making awesome stuff that we love to use in our kitchens.

Dreamfarm has been kind to our Food Fanatics, supporting recipe development and our growth as a site. And we're lucky that they love our readers as much as we do.

Because we love y'all, we're giving away a huge Dreamfarm package!

Thank you for reading Food Fanatic, and supporting brands like Dreamfarm that make our site possible.

Make sure you check out all the recipes we've created using Dreamfarm tools!

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