KitchenIQ Spice Grater Review

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The KitchenIQ Spice Grater is a handy little tool for any baker or cook. Handheld, and it catches even the smallest bit of spice!

KitchenIQ Spice Grater

As a baker, I know just how important fresh spices are. They say you shouldn't keep spices around in the cupboard for years on end. Old spices won't hurt you, they just won't have the oomph that a freshly ground spice offers. For this reason, I tend to freshly grind all my baking spices, like cinnamon, nutmeg, and star anise.

The KitchenIQ spice grater is one handy little tool. Pun totally intended. It's been formed to fit your hand perfectly, making grinding round whole nutmeg a breeze. It also has a non-slip grip for kitchen safety.

It has tiny, v-etched teeth to quickly and easily grind even the hardest nutmeg seed. The container catches every bit of freshly ground spice, and slides out easily for cleaning.

There's even a handy dandy protective cover to guard the blades - no more scraping your knuckles every time you reach into your gadget drawer. 

Brown Butter Maple Nutmeg Cookies Picture

  • Catches every bit of ground spice
  • Safety shield for storing
  • Fits hand well


  • None

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KitchenIQ Spice Grater Review

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