Weekly Meal Plan: Slow Cooker Suppers

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Slow cooker suppers you can enjoy throughout a busy week. Set it and forget it, friends, because we've got a whole week's worth of ways to get dinner done!

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Finally, the cooler weather has arrived, and suddenly, it seems more than justified to eat warm, hearty comfort food that sticks to your ribs. I love to pull my slow cooker out this time of year and use it any chance I get. The days are getting shorter, meaning I have less time to get dinner on the table. If I remember to start the slow cooker in the morning, it solves my problems! I do use my slow cooker in the summer for easy shredded meat, but it just doesn’t compare to the delicious stews and hearty meat dishes I concoct in the cooler months.


Crock Pot Ham Recipe

    8 Servings 6 Ingredients

First, on Sunday, make yourself a nice Sunday ham. If this tradition is foreign to you, you’re probably not from the South. Go ahead and practice saying ‘y’all’ while you make it. When it’s ready say ‘y’all come ahead an’ eat, the ham’s done!’ The leftovers are great in sandwiches all week. Or, dice and freeze it for adding to soups and omelets later on.


Crock Pot Chicken Taco Bites Recipe

    15 Servings 15 Ingredients
Crock pot chicken taco bites photo
Crock Pot Chicken Taco Bites just made your party a little more festive. Let the slow cooker do the work while you enjoy your guests.
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Monday night calls for something to put a pep in your step. These spicy crockpot chicken taco bites are just the thing!


Wendy's Chili Recipe

    6 Servings 14 Ingredients

If Tuesday night hits you hard, it’s nothing a comforting bowl of Wendy’s copycat chili can’t solve. This recipe uses pre-cooked ground beef from your freezer. If you have that on hand, you’re almost done making this dish. Everything else is dump and set! 


Crock Pot Pulled Chicken Recipe

    12 Servings 14 Ingredients
Crock pot pulled chicken photo
Easy and delish Crock Pot Pulled Chicken is a blank canvas for your family's favorite dinner. Let your slow cooker do the heavy...
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This recipe for Jalapeño Popper Shredded Chicken sandwiches is something I would pull out my slow cooker in the summer for. I can’t get enough of this recipe. It’s spicy, creamy, and comforting. If you haven’t made this yet, you really should on Wednesday. 


Italian Pot Roast Recipe

    8 Servings 11 Ingredients
Italian pot roast photo
Italian pot roast might not be your idea of traditional pot roast, unless you're Italian. But you'll love this new Sunday supper...
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We’ve almost made it through the week. On Thursday night, we can practically put ourselves in Friday mode and relax a bit. Let’s enjoy an Italian Pot Roast and pretend it’s Sunday family supper! 


Slow Cooker Cobbler Recipe

    1 Servings 9 Ingredients

I’m guessing you’ll have a bit of leftovers on Friday to eat, so I leave you with dessert in the crockpot. This slow cooker mixed berry cobbler can be made with frozen berries, so you have no excuse not to make it. Warm and bubbly, it just may be your dinner with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I won’t tell a soul. 

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